Appropriate Lighting for Parrots

Your parrot, which is in a suitable environment during the day, requires light until certain hours at night. It may need feeding when the weather is dark. For this reason, you can provide that atmosphere with a light bulb in the room in the evening. You have to decide when to turn off the light. If you close it late, your parrotwill be restless, who can’t sleep. 9-10 hours of sleep is sufficient for parrots.

By dim lighting in the room all night long, you can provide the parrots with the opportunity to see enough to move, albeit a little. Thus, you will prevent an accident in cases such as falling from the perch and panic.

Lighting Lamps in Parrots Can Also Be Used For Heating

You can also use lighting lamps for heating purposes. For this purpose, tungstentype lamps are used. But since a high-wattage bulb is needed to generate heat, the bright light produced can be irritating to parrots. Also, overheating can harm parrots, so it is not recommended. Adjustable lighting buttons make lighting more comfortable by lighting according to the dark degree of the room and what you want.

Avoid direct lighting inside the cage. Parrots, with their curious nature, can inflict undesirable harm on themselves by dealing with the light source.

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