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5 Basic Items You Should Know About Birds

5 Basic Items You Should Know About Birds

Bird care seems like an easy job from the outside. When you get involved, you will see that it is not easy. There are 5 basic items in bird care. Cleanliness, air, water, feed and experience.

5 Essential Items to Know

  • Cleanliness is the most important need for animals. Bird cleaning should not be done by simply installing a shower in the cages of birds. The bottom of the cage should be cleaned regularly and if there are bird droppings that dry, it should be cleaned well. After cleaning, the inside of the cage should be washed with medicated water after cleaning so that the birds do not get germs and diseases.
  • An airless environment means a negative condition for every living thing. For bird health, their environment should be an airy place. Otherwise, the birds will get sick and will be sick after a while. It is very important for the birds to have clean air in cage bird care.
  • The water put into the drinker should be cleaned every day. We should not only clean the water, but also wash the water bowl well and put clean water.
  • Feed types are different for each bird. The bait given to the budgerigar and the bait given to the nightingale are different. 5 Basic Items You Should Know About Birds In addition, special food for birds should be prepared with a few materials bought from the market in order for newborn birds to get the necessary energy. When the birds are able to walk on their own and their mothers do not feed them, special food should be prepared for the chicks and different foods in terms of vitamins should be given to the birds.
  • Experience is the most important element in bird care. An inexperienced person may not know when to clean the birds. In this case, it is quite risky for the bird. People who are going to keep birds should do research first and then start such a business. You should know which feed a bird will eat (according to its species) and set out accordingly. An inexperienced person does not know how to respond to a bird’s illness or injury and may cause the bird’s death. People who are going to keep birds need to acquire a certain level of knowledge and engage in this business accordingly.

5 Basic Items You Should Know About Birds

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