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Jungleis a brand that offers a variety of feed and care materials for cage birds. The world-famous brand produces the products that birds need with quality assurance. It designs products suitable for all cage birds such as budgerigars, parrots, canaries, pigeons and goldfinches. It offers a wide range of premium quality feeds produced by blending the best quality grains and seeds for jungle birds.

There are different types of feed for birds of all ages and of all breeds. In addition, it offers additional nutritional products such as millet, crackers, vitamin and mineral additives, mineral blocks. It also helps bird owners by combining bird care product sets with the materials the bird needs.

jungle budgie feed 1kg

Jungle Bait

Jungle feed is suitable for the nutritional habits of cage birds and ensures that the bird gets all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values it needs. The feeds blended with first quality raw materials are subjected to clinical tests in a laboratory environment and mixtures are prepared in special proportions for each bird species.

All the grains and seeds in the feed are fresh, they are cleaned from dust and bacteria with the latest technology devices and packed untouched by hand. It preserves its freshness for a long time with its special airtight packaging systems. Birds fed with jungle food are much healthier and happier. The feed, which also provides the energy needed by the bird, has a taste that your little friends will love to eat.

Jungle Budgerigar Food 1KG

How Is Jungle Bait?

The best answer to the question of how to feed the jungle is its quality. It is the most preferred feed of bird owners with bird feeds produced in European Union quality standards. Feed, which provides a healthy and balanced diet for birds, is a food they love to eat.

It does not cause problems such as indigestion and vomiting in birds. The feeds blended in accordance with the bird’s anatomical structure increase the bird’s living standards. With jungle food, birds become more energetic, their feathers are more lively and shiny, and they are more deployed and healthy.

Jungle Feed Price

Jungle Feed Price

Jungle bait makes bird owners smile with its price. Because compared to other bird feed companies, it has a fair pricing policy in direct proportion to its quality. It offers reasonable prices and attractive opportunities for the quality and content of the oath.

The price of the Jungle feed you will buy depends on its weight and sales point. You can find Jungle bait on many sales sites with modern technology internet. You can get it from the sales point that fits your budget by doing price research and comparison.

jungle vitamin parakeet food

Jungle Budgie Food

Jungle budgie feed is a type of feed specially produced for budgies. It enables budgies to get the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values they need in accordance with their nutritional habits. Budgerigars are very sensitive birds, and they get stressed quickly and suffer from loss of appetite. Jungle bait is a bait that budgies cannot say no to with its unique taste and smell.

They eat Jungle bait even when they are at their weakest. Jungle food, which is a balanced and healthy diet for budgerigars, ensures that the bird has an energetic and healthy body. Jungle budgie feed contains; yellow and white millet varieties, seasonal oats, bird seed (safflower), flaxseed and vitamin rusk. These grains and seeds, which are mixed in proportions suitable for the needs of the budgerigar, have the feature of complete feed that ensures adequate nutrition of the bird.

Jungle Budgie Essentials Set

Jungle Parakeet Essentials Set

The Jungle Budgerigar kit includes all the products the bird needs. All products included in the needs kit offered with quality assurance are first quality products in European standards. In the Jungle Budgie Necessity Set; bird food, bird sand, branch millet, honey crackers, vitamins, calcium, feeder and information booklet.

When you buy these products in a single package, you will meet your bird’s basic needs at once. Buying the products separately will be both tiring and costly. Moreover, since all products are offered with Jungle assurance, you can use them with peace of mind.

The information booklet included in the set will also help you learn the bird’s needs and requirements in the best way possible. Additional nutrients and vitamins will strengthen your bird’s immunity and protect it against diseases.

Jungle Budgie Food Reviews

Jungle Budgie Food Reviews

Jungle budgie feed reviews are very positive. Bird owners who have started to use jungle bait observe the changes in their birds and state them as comments. They specifically write that birds that start to eat jungle food are more energetic and their feathers are more lively and bright.

The fact that birds love to eat is one of the things that makes bird owners very happy. It is among the comments that the packaging is done very well and the feed stays fresh for a long time. The freshness of the feed is one of the favorites that bird owners pay attention to and indicate in the comments.

Jungle Budgie Food

Jungle Budgerigar

Jungle budgie products are quality products that bird owners are very satisfied with. Offering many products for budgies, Jungle aims to meet all the bird’s needs. In this sense, various feeds for budgerigars, nutritional supplements such as millet and crackers, auxiliary products such as bird sand and mineral blocks, offer various vitaminsand minerals. Jungle products are ideal for budgerigars to have a balanced and healthy diet and to be happy.

How Is Jungle Budgerigar Food?

How Is Jungle Budgerigar Food?

The answer to the question of how to feed the jungle budgerigar will be high quality and delicious. Because bird owners who use Jungle budgerigar feed make comments that the feed is very fresh, that there is no food that the bird does not like and that they eat it with pleasure.

Jungle bird feed is a special feed that is blended as premium quality grain, seed and vitamin mixtures. The flaxseed contained in it makes the feathers of the bird more lively and shiny. All the products in its content support the development and health of the budgerigar.

Jungle Budgie Cracker

Jungle Budgie Cracker

Jungle budgerigar crackers are one of the foods they love to eat, which creates a nutritional richness for birds. When crackers are presented hanging in the cage, the bird will be happy by making it a game to eat them. Her beak will also become stronger as she eats the combined cereal cracker. While eating the cracker, its mobility will increase as it will constantly go up and down to eat the pieces spilled into the cage.

You can also use it as a reward while training your bird, as they love the taste of crackers. Jungle budgie crackers include; yellow, red and millet varieties, birdseed, flaxseed and honey. Crackers, which are quite nutritious, provide great support to the nutrition of the bird.

Jungle budgie crackers are a supplement, not a complete meal. For this reason, it will not be right to feed your bird with crackers all the time. You can give it a few times a week as a nutritional variety alongside your whole bird food.

How Is Jungle Bait?

Jungle Gourmet Budgie Food

Jungle Gourmet Budgerigar Food is a specially produced food suitable for the feeding of sensitive budgerigars who are picky about food. It is also ideal for birds with loss of appetite. It is a complete feed with its content suitable for the nutritional habits of budgerigars.

It is blended with 100% natural first quality fresh raw material. Jungle gourmet budgie feed contains; yellow, white and red millet varieties, seasonal oats, flaxseed, bird seed ( safflower), Niger seed and vitamin rusk. It has the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutritional values for budgies.

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