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First Days of Parrots in Their New Home

A Parrot’s First Days in Its New Home

Put the parrot you brought home in the place you previously designed. The surprised parrot needs some time to get used to its new home and new family. Therefore, your approach in the early days will determine whether your parrot will become a cheerful and lively bird in the future or a timid bird that runs away from people.

Introduce all members of your family. Parrots, which generally live in flocks in the natural environment, will over time accept members of your family as members of the flock. As the leader of this flock, you will choose the person who takes care of her the most, gives her food and water, and spares time for her.

The Parrot’s Accustoming Time to the Household

Move slowly at first around the parrot, do not act suddenly. Give her a name and repeat that name often with her. Say nice things in a soft tone as you approach. Parrots are afraid of silent beings approaching them.

cSay nice things in a soft tone as you approach. Parrots are afraid of silent beings approaching them.

In the first days, only feed and water twice a day, not too much eye contact. Thus, your parrot will understand that no harm will come from you. Spend more time on it in the coming days. Go and talk to her every now and then. Seeing that it is approached in a friendly manner, the parrot will understand that you are not an enemy in time, and it will no longer act shyly towards you. How long this period will be depends on you and your parrot.

Handling the Parrot

As time passes, the friendship between you and your parrot begins to give you great pleasure. But, especially in untamed large parrots, there are sometimes sudden setbacks when everything is going well. This should definitely not discourage you. Continue to show the same effort with patience. Never get angry, shout or hit her. Since parrots are intelligent creatures, they never forget the good and bad things done to them. If you show violence, you will damage the trust between you.

Do not try to touch your parrot during this period. As her trust in you increases over time, she will allow you to touch and love her.

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After spending the first days in such calm and tranquility, you should gradually get used to feeding by hand. While she did not agree to this at first, she will accept this situation in time. If she is not hand feeding, try removing the feeder from the cage the night before and giving it in the morning when she is hungry. Don’t push too hard, try again during the day. If she doesn’t insist, put the feeders in the cage and try again the next morning. Never let your parrot starve for more than 18 hours.

Identify what they like and dislike. You can give your favorite food as a reward in the future.

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As the days pass, your consistent, confident and reassuring behavior will be perceived positively by your parrot. In time, you will see that you have gained a very good friend with a personality, cheerful, active, harmonious in social relations and a great imitation ability.

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