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Deli Nature Hand-Feed Food

Deli Nature brand, as it is known, is one of the bird feed brands produced in Belgium. It comes from the infrastructure of Beyers’ companies, a well-known company. The aim of the Deli Nature brand is to produce special bird feeds. It is possible to reach all kinds of bird food and bird food options in this company. It has a wide range of catalogs. Deli Nature feed brand generally produces feeds for parrots, budgies, joker birds and various nature birds. Feeds and foods are also produced for some tropical birds.

How is Deli Nature Hand-Feed Food Produced?

In particular, deli-natured Hand-Feed food is produced in a very hygienic way, without human touch, in facilities operated with the latest technology. The products have a different form of packaging. Because these packages are special and have a long life.

Packages are ready for sale after passing special tests. If there is a problem in the test, it is taken under surveillance again to see if it is suitable for sale. In other words, the most meticulous and sensitive production method for your birds is available to crazy natural companies.

Deli Nature Hand Feeding Food

Deli Nature Hand-Feed Food Benefits

Deli Nature, high protein and probiotic hand feeding food, for parrot growth. It has been produced for birds that are necessary, high protein needs, and young birds.

To give an example of these birds; Made for cockatiels, parakeets, canaries, tropical birds and amazons.

Deli Nature Hand-Feed food is to ensure the healthy and regular development of birds under all conditions. And it contains all the necessary protein and vitamins for this. It contains various proteins, fats and amino acids. In addition, the content is enriched by adding probiotics.

Deli Nature Hand-Feed food strengthens the intestines and facilitates digestion. In addition, it also contains Omega 3 oil. In this way, the birds do not get sick and their immune systems are strengthened.

The acids in it also help to keep the crop part of the birds in an ideal size.

Deli Nature Manual Feeder

How to Use Deli Nature Hand-Feed Food

The use of Deli nature Hand-Feed Food is also an extremely important issue.

The points to be considered in this matter are as follows;

  • If tap water is to be used, it is necessary to boil and cool the water beforehand. The purpose of this is to prevent bacteria. This warmth can also be given.
  • Prepared water and hand fed food should be mixed in a bowl until it reaches a mushy consistency. Then it should be rested for 15-20 minutes.
  • After the prepared food is ready, it should be mixed with the water it leaves once again.
  • Porridge should be freshly prepared before each feeding.
  • Kuşların lalayı kolay hazmetmesi ve elle besleme aletinden geçmesi için, ince kıvam da yapılp, kuşlara gün de bir kere verilmesi gerekir.

If you want to buy deli nature hand fed food, you can order online. In a short time, the product will be in your hands.

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