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Cockatiel Parrot Price From Owner

The price ranges from the breeder of the cockatielvary according to the species. It is shorter and smaller than the standard parrot. Cockatiel parrots are also preferred pets because they are extremely affectionate. They also have the ability to say certain words if they are exercised. In some species of these birds, which are in size between a budgerigar and a parrot, the upward feathers on their heads have caused them to be named with different names. The first species that come to mind of these parrots are Albino, Gray, Cinnamon. Cockatiel parrots are among the animals that are easy to care for and bring joy to the home. They can also be carried easily on short-distance trips.

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Species of Cockatiels

Cinnamonis one of the most preferred species among cockatiels. They are among the birds to be preferred with their prices varying between $100 and $150 price bands. In addition to being white on the undersides of their wings, they may have orange feathers on their faces. The fact that it is humane and easy to care for has caused it to be placed in the first place among the bird species to be kept at home.

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Lutinotype cockatiels also have an eye-catching richness with their colors and appearance. Lutino cockatiels have a yellow and red eye appearance. Their vibrant yellow color will make them look extremely beautiful. Their upward feathers on their heads will provide a very beautiful appearance. The price of this type of cockatielvaries from owner to owner, but it will go up to $100.

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Cockatiel parrots, which have the graytype, will also impress with their colors. It will offer a visually different beauty with its gray feathers and curled feathers on the tops.

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Features of Cockatiel

Cockatiel parrot is among the pet species to be preferred in terms of price and care. The average lifespan of cockatiels is around fifteen years. These animals, who like to be the center of attention, can imitate sounds very easily. Females are much more difficult to speak than males. For this reason, many segments prefer male species. Both male and female, they are extremely cute and playful bird species. It is also seen that some species live up to twenty-five years.

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