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Budgie Food

Budgerigars are native to Australia and are herbivorous animals. Budgerigars get a chance to feed on many foods when they live in the wild, but when kept at home, they mostly feed on millet and seeds.

This very cute bird species adds a special joy and sincerity to the house. Those who keep budgerigars have to be careful about this issue and ensure that their birds develop well by preserving their health. Budgerigars need 10 g of feed per day.

Lora Budgie Food

Budgie Foods

The most basic food source for budgiesis known as seeds. Oily or floury seeds are extremely rich in carbohydrates, fats and fiber. The food that the budgerigars eat; Niger seed becomes red, white, yellow millet. Budgerigars also like to eat oats. However, if they eat too much, they should be given with caution, as excessive fat will be in question. Among the budgerigar feeds, there is also millet branch.

This food produced from millet branch is dried and ready for budgerigars. Once a week would be fine. If given too much, the bird will gain weight and get used to laziness, not wanting to eat anything else. Safflower is also a favorite food for budgies and its other name is canary food. It generally constitutes 50% of feed mixtures.

Versele Laga Budgie Feed

Versele Laga Budgie Food

Versele laga budgerigar feed is a type of feed that is also beneficial for other birds. This 100% natural feed mix consists of colored seeds. It contains all the necessary minerals and vitamins. This type of feed, which has a special content, ensures that the feathers of the bird are healthy, while at the same time increasing its brightness.

It contains the nutrients needed by the bird in terms of quality of life. If inside; There are red millet, yellow millet, white millet, flaxseed, oat, canary seed, safflower and niger seed.

Budgie Food 25 kg

Choosing 25 kg of budgerigar food is ideal for feeding your bird for a long time. It is both more profitable and more comfortable to gain 25 kg instead of constantly buying feed. 25 kg of budgerigar feed, which should be stored in a damp and cool environment, is very rich in nutrients.

If you want your budgerigar to be resistant, active and healthy, you can contribute to its faster development by purchasing this type of feed. Budgerigar feed, which is obtained by blending with quality seeds, is sold as 25 kg and contains; There are red, yellow, white millet with linseed and safflower.

Polo Budgerigar food 25 Kg

Mixed Budgie Food 25 Kg

Mixed budgie feed 25 kg is produced under very healthy conditions and is very useful for the development of budgies. This type of feed, which is sold as sifted and dust-free, is reliable because it is clean and healthy. 25 kg of mixed feed, which is prepared with first class seeds and does not contain pesticides and pesticide residues, must be finished by the expiry date written on it.

Funny Birds Food

Baby Budgie Food

Newborn baby budgies that are not yet adept at breaking feed can also be fed with food. Apart from their main food, these foods are very useful for budgies. Strong and nutritious foods, which are made of special mixtures, contain seeds, cereals, pastry and bread products and minerals. Baby budgie food should be used soon after the package has been opened. Birds fed this food for the first 10 days will develop healthily.

Vitakraft Bait 1000 GR

Vitakraft Budgie Food

Vitakraft budgie feed, which is a food consumed by budgies, is prepared with special seeds. It is a baby budgerigar food that strengthens general health, is effective on the immune system and contributes to body resistance. It also helps to make the feathers of the birds healthier and bushy.

This type of food, which is also very rich in protein, contains the necessary amount of iodine for the health of the budgerigar, has no added sugar, is sold in airtight packages, is nutritious, and is rich in vitamin additives. In it; There are hulled oats, red millet, yellow millet, grass seed, white millet, canary feed, honey and CaCo3. 1 tablespoon per day should be given.

Best Budgie Food

When the best budgie feed is mentioned, we come across feeds consisting of a mixture of many seeds. In a good budgie feed, usually; red millet, yellow millet, black millet, white millet, niger seed, flaxseed, safflower, kernel, oat, canary food, oyster shell, honey powder, seaweed, wheat, lentil, maize, rice, pea, biscuit, peanut, foods such as canola.

Budgie Roast Bait

It is a type of feed specially prepared to activate the hormones of budgerigars during mating times. Budgerigar warming food is very useful for healthy mating of birds. It contains many minerals, iodine, vitamins and minerals.

The seeds inside are cleaned and specially selected. 1 small spoon can be added to the feed bowl per day. Approximately 10 g of heat feed can be given per day. In addition to this, delicious bird nuts are among the foods that you can add to your budgie’s diet. Water should always be available with the feed.

My feed Baby Budgie Food

Baby Budgerigar Food

Cup budgies can be given a type of feed similar to what adults eat. However, the nutrients contained in these budgie feeds are easily peeled, thin, nutritious and contain various vitamin supplements. In; white millet, yellow millet, safflower, red millet, honey mama and Niger seed.

If baby budgies are fed with this food for 2 months after birth, their development will be good. When it comes to baby budgerigar feed, it is important to choose bird feeds that are fortified with food.

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