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Budgie Feed Types

Budgerigars are herbivores and their main food source is seeds. Seeds, which are the most nutritious budgerigars, are divided into two classes, oily and mealy seeds. Both types of seeds contain carbohydrates, lipids and protein. Bird feeds contain mixed yellow, red and white millet, safflowerknown as canary feed, and Niger seeds. Oats are one of the favorite foods of budgies. Although oat is a very useful food for the weakened or sick birds to recover in a short time, it is beneficial to give it occasionally, not constantly, as it causes lubrication. Again, millet is a food that budgies love. Darı dalları kurutularak elde edilen doğal bir gıdadır. However, your bird does not want to eat other foods because it is easy and delicious to eat. In addition,branch millet, which causes obesity, should be given once a week.

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How Should Budgerigar Food Be?

Budgerigarfeed should be of a quality that provides the bird with a balanced and adequate diet and carries the nutritional values it needs. Budgerigar feeds, consisting of mixed seeds, will be the most suitable food as it is produced to meet the daily food needs of the bird. However, it is important that these bird feeds are produced and packaged untouched by a reliable brand. Because open bird feeds come into contact with air and dust, it can cause your bird to get sick. Which seeds are included in the bird feed and their nutritional values should be stated and approved on the package.

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Budgerigar Foods and Vitamins

Budgerigarfeeds meet the daily nutritional needs of the bird. However, it may not fully meet the vitamin need for the bird. For this reason, it is beneficial to give vitamins as supplements at regular intervals. Vitamins are especially necessary during the growth period, disease states and incubation periods of baby birds. The vitamin that the bird needs is given by mixing it into the drinking water. But it is not right to give vitamins every day. 3-4 days a week will suffice. For this, you can provide a balanced vitamin support by putting it in the fresh water that you change every day and not putting it for a day. There are many different brands of multi-vitamins for budgies such as Avi-Vit, Avisol, Deep. These products meet all the vitamin needs of the bird. However, it can be used in different vitamins recommended by the veterinarian when necessary such as illness.

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Budgie Food Without Shell

Budgerigar food consists of seeds of various plants. These seeds are offered as shelled or unshelled feed. It eats shell food by removing the shell with the bird’s beak. Shellless feeds are easier to eat for the bird. It helps them get used to food, especially for baby birds. Shellless feed is much more hygienic as it prevents the continuous spillage of acceptance into the cage and around. It is also more affordable when the crust weight is deducted. The disadvantage of groats, which have many advantages, is that they spoil more quickly. Since the shell on the bait is not protected, it is more easily moistened and spoiled. For this reason, if you want to use shell-free feed, you should put the bird’s feed less often and change it frequently, and you should be able to protect the feed in the package very well.

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Budgie Vitamin

Vitamins are an important supplement for the healthy development and growth of budgerigars. Adult birds need more vitamins, especially in the rapid growth of baby birds and in the incubation period. There are various brands and features of vitamins in the market. If your bird does not have a disease, you can choose vitamins sold as multivitamins if you are going to use them only as nutritional support. In addition, if your bird has any illness or stress, it is beneficial to take vitamins under veterinary control. During the incubation period, you can ensure that the bird has a healthier breeding period by using special vitamins to heat it up.

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