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Advance Affiniti’s premium quality nutritious cat and dog food. Produced based on the latest scientific data, Advance food is a healthy food that has been clinically tested. This food, which is also recommended by veterinarians, strengthens the immune system of your little friends and supports them to live a healthy and long life. Advance food varieties are offered with a wide range of products developed for cats and dogs of all ages and races. Your friends have different options to meet their special nutritional needs. For example, you can find special foods that should be given during shedding times under the name Advance. In order for them to get through such special periods without any trouble, the food offered as a support formula has been tested in the laboratory.

advance mama cat

Features of Advance Food

The most important feature of Advance food is that it has a formula that supports the immune system. With its special Immuneplus formula, it ensures that catsand dogs receive adequate immune support. By containing a powerful component of immunoglobulin and natural polyphenols, Advance food prevents your little ones from getting sick. It enables them to live a healthier and longer life with the varieties specially produced for cats and dogs. Advance food ensures that your little friends can be fed properly and efficiently in a healthy way. The food, which is produced with a flavor suitable for the taste of cats and dogs, has an easily digestible formula. It is definitely a food that does not cause discomfort and that they will love to eat.

advance mama dog

Advance Types of Food

The product range of Advance food is quite wide and there are different types of food for cats and dogs of all breeds and all ages. There are flavors for kittens and dogs that are formulated to support their growth and development, making it easier for them to get used to food. For your adult friends, foods with different contents are offered to suit their taste. For example, your friend may like chicken or fish. You can find her favorite flavor among the Advance food varieties. You can find her favorite flavor among the Advance food varieties. If your friend has a weight problem, you can make use of light food varieties to ensure that she gets the vitamins and minerals she needs daily and prevent her from gaining weight. You can find types of foodproduced for all kinds of special occasions, with the difference of Advance.

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