Which Animals Are Given Training?

Since the beginning of human history, many animals have been tried to be tamed and trained. Unfortunately, most of these efforts have yielded no results. Not all animals are suitable for domestication or training.

Trainable Animals

As it is known, the dog is one of the most easily trained and first domesticated and trained animals. These animals, which are suitable for living in groups due to their kinship with wolves, tend to listen to the words of the individual they see as the leader. The reason for this in nature is to live together and find food together to be protected from dangers. For this reason, dogs are suitable for training by their owner when treated patiently and politely. Especially when a dog that has been trained from a puppy not only follows the commands, but does the job she is told, she will be happy herself.

Horses are one of the first animals to be trained, but unlike dogs, the training areas are different.

Ara Macaw Parrot
You can train and get used to a dog to sit up, fetch your slippers, or guard you, but horses can be more often trained as riding or towing animals and are not as easy to train as dogs.

Trainable Birds and Trainable Parrots

Apart from dogs and horses, rats and hamsters, pigeons, crows and some songbirds and climbing birds.
Parrots are also given training, but since these animals are wild animals, their nature is not suitable for this. Training should not be considered because they need a lot of time and patience, and they should not be imprisoned.

Trained Alexander Parrot

Which Animals Are Not Trained?

Despite being pets, cats are not animals suitable for training. Maybe you can make her react to her name or eat her food in a certain place, but considering that you will not see stability in other parts will prevent you from being disappointed. Despite all this, it should not be forgotten that every situation is an exception, but at the same time, animals other than pets should not be taken from their natural environment and imprisoned, and they should not be forced into training.

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