Is Animal Life Knowledge Instinctive?

Is Animal Life Knowledge Instinctive?

Instinct in Animals

It is possible to evaluate the tendencies of each animal, such as life information, feeding, protection, attacking, completely instinctively. It is enough for an animal to feel hungry, to feed, and to hunt and attack at the same time. Since this is an instinctive behavior of the animal, it is a natural and normal species to occur with stimulating bodily factors. If we examine these instinctive behaviors, they are as follows;

Is Animal Life Knowledge Instinctive?

Instinctive behavior of animals;

It will happen instinctively when a mother animal with a protective instinct poses any threat or danger to her offspring and cubs. At the beginning of these, it will be realized by its tendencies such as attacking, defending its young and destroying the threat element.

Animal Instincts

It is possible to associate this not only with predators, but also with all other animals. Because it is seen that the same reaction is encountered in all predatory or non-predatory animals with maternal sense.

Although hunger, another instinctive behavior, has the same reactions as the feeling of protection, its purpose and response are not the same. For example, when an animal is hungry and looking for food, its nutrition differs from animal to animal.
Instincts may differ. But the reason for these behaviors is the behaviors that are instinctive for all animals.

Is Animal Life Knowledge Instinctive?

What Are the Instincts of Animals?

We can say that among these instinctive behaviors there is an element of excretion. There are elements such as the discharge of a cat into an environment with sand or soil. At the same time, if some of the predators and non-predatory animalsfeel a threat in their feeding area, it is possible to urinate in the environment, make a sound and have an aggressive reaction. This is an indication that animals instinctively protect not only themselves and their offspring, but also the area they are in.

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