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Sick Budgerigar

Budgies can get sick frequently for a number of reasons. However, it can also be counted that they have a sensitive structure in the effect of this situation. If the feed, water, medicines and vitamins that should be taken are not given at the right time and in appropriate doses, the sick budgerigar goes into a very negative process.

Even though budgerigars have had many different diseases, the most common ones are diarrhea, cold and fungus. Although these three diseases seem to be fairly simple conditions, birds can be seriously harmed by these conditions. For this reason, while keeping budgerigars, it should be ensured that diseases that can damage their bodies are prevented and that the disease is eliminated as soon as possible.

Budgie Sleeping

Budgie Sleeping

In general, because of the loud noise in crowded houses, birds sleep and wake up together with the people in the house. In such cases, adequate sleep intake can be prevented. Many health problems may occur in budgerigars whose sleep patterns cannot be established, and problems may occur during the budgerigar sleep process.

When they do not get enough sleep, there are problems such as stress, screaming and biting. The feces of the budgerigar, which is constantly asleep, should be checked. If the stool is solid, there is nothing to worry about. However, if the stool is in a liquid state, proper precautions must be taken. Hair that tends to shed later should be checked. When it starts to molt, the budgie becomes sluggish and constantly asleep.

Budgie White Poop

Budgie White Poop

White stools are generally caused by two reasons. In this sense, the first reason for the budgerigar white poop problem is the bird’s shelter in an environment that causes stress. The other situation is malnutrition, lack of vitamins and minerals, diseases related to kidney, liver or pancreas.

When such problems are encountered in the budgerigar’s body, it is very important to consult a veterinarian in order to reach and understand the source of the cause. Behaviors that people have unconsciously applied may cause the current situation in the budgie to follow an even more negative direction. Therefore, it is very important to follow the instructions given by the veterinarian when encountering white poop.

Budgerigar Opens and Closes Its Mouth

Budgerigar Opens and Closes Its Mouth

Budgerigars sometimes begin to behave differently than normal behavior. One of these behaviors exhibited is the problem of the budgie opening and closing its mouth. Stress is usually the reason why the budgerigar makes the movement of constantly opening and closing its mouth. Mouth opening and closing is common in budgies experiencing extreme stress.

This movement is seen not only in stress but also in birds that have spent too much effort in an extremely hot environment or at home. This is because it regulates its body temperature by constantly opening and closing its mouth. If she is constantly doing this movement and making wheezing or different sounds, if the tail is constantly moving up and down, then respiratory diseases should be brought to the fore, and in this case, it is important to go to the veterinarian.

Budgerigar Can't Stand

Budgerigar Can’t Stand

One of the problems encountered in some times is the problem that the budgerigar cannot stand. When budgies are unable to stand and start to sway, it is likely that there is a problem with their feet or various parts of it. In addition, excessive hair loss or plucking, sitting on the floor of the cage, silence, weight loss and fatigue are observed.

how to treat sick budgie at home

Also, signs such as up-and-down reflexes in tail movements and discharge from its beak or nose mean that the budgerigar is sick and in both cases it should be under veterinary control. Thus, a treatment method can be developed in accordance with the source of the problem.

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