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Parrots are animals with remarkable appearance and the ability to imitate humans. Parrots, which can be kept at home, continue their lives as a source of joy. African Gray parrots, known as African gray parrots, live in herds in their natural lives. These very intelligent animals quickly grasp the words they hear, memorize and imitate them because of their intelligence.

African Gray parrots, who like attention very much, like to spend time with people and environments where there is a lot of noise. They are easily trained where there is a lot of interest. African gray parrot breeds are preferred by many in this respect.

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African Grey Breed Parrot Prices

It is difficult to give precise information about the prices of African Grey parrots. Because the feather structure of the parrot, whether it is a baby or an adult, will vary in price. The most important feature in choosing African Grey parrots is that they memorize spoken words.

From this point of view, it is important how many words the parrot to buy can speak and how smart it is. If the African Grey parrot is an animal that can easily memorize and repeat what is said, the price will be higher. The health and beauty of its appearance also affect the price of the parrot.

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African Grey Parrot

The African grey parrot, which is native to Africa and is grown in many regions such as Congo, Kenya, and the Ivory Coast, is a large bird species. African Grey parrotweighs 500 grams and can reach up to 50 cm when its wings are spread. The gray color of the African grey parrot may have different colors in its tail. The color of the fur of these animals, which has a darker color when they are young, becomes even lighter as they grow. In addition, their eye color is a very dark gray when they are juveniles, but turns orange when they become adults.

Birds that stand out in terms of intelligence have the capacity to learn 1000 words when they are well trained. These birds, which are perfect in imitation, have more abilities than other birds. African grey parrots, who do not like loneliness, expect constant attention and conversation from their owners. Since they live in flocks in nature, they like crowds and sounds very much.

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How to Tell the Sex of a African Grey Parrot?

If one asks how to understand the African grey parrot breed, which is very attached to its owners, the most important point is that their color is gray. In addition, as we mentioned above, there are easy ways to understand whether it is a pup or an adult. African grey parrots do not treat strangers warmly at first, and they do not keep quiet when they feel safe.

These animals, which are physically durable, are not very resistant to cold weather. It is not easy to understand the sex of African grey parrots, which can live 60-70 years. Because when a parrot lays eggs, it means it’s female. The ovulation process is also possible only when they reach the age of 3 years. Therefore, it will be necessary to follow it to determine their gender.

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African Grey Parrot Species

African Grey parrot species are examined in 3 groups. However, there are two types of parrots that can be kept at home. Congoand Timnehspecies are African grey parrots that can be kept at home. Their color and size vary due to being grown in different climates and regions. Therefore 3. This species is not considered a distinct species by many studies.

Congospecies of African grey parrots have a light gray color and their tails are crimson and conspicuous. They are more popular than the Timnehtype and have a large body. The beak parts are black in color. Timnehs have red and burgundy tails. The feathers on their bodies are dark gray in color. Timnehs, whose beak is bone-colored, are smaller than the Congo species.

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African Grey Parrot Varieties

Timneh’s tend to shed more feathers than Congo’s The reason for this is that she should know that the congos are a little more popular. Because the tail color and the large size of the Congos have always made them more preferred. Parrots can pluck their feathers when they get too much attention. Being exposed to different speech and movements by strangers causes the parrots to be afraid and nervous.

Indifference and silence can also cause African Greys to fall into the same situation. Dry air, environmental pollution and cigarette smoke can also be counted among the reasons for plucking for African Grey parrots. Congo’s have a louder voice than timnehs. This is directly proportional to their size. African grey parrot varieties come in different abilities and appearances.

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Parrot Breeds African Grey

African Grey parrots can make strange noises from time to time. The reason they make these growling-like sounds is usually when they encounter a threat. Or they may resort to such a way to frighten the other person and protect themselves. Very affectionate, African Grey parrots can often fall in love with a member of the household by loving them more.

Parrots who encounter new situations and environments are popular for being irritable and nervous. African Greys expect behaviors such as scratching and trimming their hair by their owners. The African Grey parrot, which does not receive this attention by its owner, may exhibit behavioral disorders. Examples of these behaviors include screaming, plucking, and biting. Parrot breeds African grey care is actually very enjoyable when the rules are followed.

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