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Protecting Parrots from Diseases

Having a healthy parrot is every parrot lover’s greatest desire to protect her parrot from diseases. Maintaining the health of the purchased parrot and being together for many years is the greatest right of us and our winged friends.

Birds in nature, the food they lack, etc. Finds all items by searching. Thus, the occurrence of health problems is minimized. In the cage environment, our winged friends can only survive in line with the opportunities we offer them. For this reason, if indispensable substances are not offered to her on time and in sufficient quantities, some health problems arise. Even distressing problems such as death can arise.

In order for parrots not to get sick, the following points should be considered;

  1. Parrot Diseases SymptomsYou must use quality bait. The bait you use must comply with the hygiene and freshness rules.
  2. Use quality drinking water. As with yourself, be sure of the quality of the water you give your winged friends. As we all know, injective diseases are transmitted through feed and water.
  3. Offer her fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Remove the uneaten ones from the cage after 2-4 hours at the latest and add new ones instead.
  4. Keep your parrots from getting stressed. Stress has many environmental and psychological causes. Help to identify these causes and eliminate them in a short time.
  5. Prevent our winged friends from being exposed to airflow and bad weather. Parrots are extremely susceptible to diseases of the respiratory system. Bad environments reduce the body’s resistance and prepare the ground for these diseases.
  6. Never forget the motto “A busy parrot is a happy parrot”. You should give her toys to keep her busy during the day.
  7. Keep away from disease-carrying creatures such as mice and insects. It is absolutely necessary to prevent their feed from being infected by such pests by storing them in suitable conditions.
  8. Cage, feeder, drinker, perch, etc. Pay special attention to the cleanliness of the accessories.
  9. Getting your parrot wet with the spray method will make her extremely happy. Prefer lunch hours in winter.
  10. Give her natural tree branches for the outstretched beak and nails. Make sure that the perches are also made of natural woods.
  11. During mating periods, they need more nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Get the right resources and ensure that these amounts are given to your parrot.
  12. We should check our poultry friends at least 2 times a day and detect the presence of disease in a short time. In case of illness, we need to take steps to start treatment as soon as possible. As we all know, parrots try not to show their discomfort until the last stages of their illness. For this reason, even hours are of great importance in terms of treatment.
  13. We need to adjust our relations with other pets such as cats and dogs in the house very well. We must take all necessary precautions to prevent these creatures from harming our winged friends.

It is very important for your parrot to carefully follow all the possibilities that we have mentioned above. You can get support from us in this regard. If you write to us about the problem in the contact forms on our Facebook and website or in the comment section below the article, our experts in the field will respond quickly.

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