Toy Selection for Parrots

Plastic Parrot Toys
Parrots are highly intelligent, curious, and busy creatures. Especially when they are alone, they want to deal with something. In order to prevent her from getting bored and to give her the occupation she needs, we should equip the cage or the environment she is in with toys. You can get these from pet supply stores or you can make them yourself. These toys will prevent our parrotfrom getting bored and will keep her busy. In this way, you can avoid many behavioral problems.

Many behavioral problems such as screaming, feather plucking and biting can be observed in bored parrots who do not find anything to deal with.

“A busy parrot is a happy parrot.”

Considerations for Toy Selection:

We do not want the parrotto be out of health in order to relieve her boredom. For this reason, we should pay attention to the following points when buying or making toys:

  • Toys must be made of materials that will not harm the parrot if swallowed.
  • Toys should not have pointed, sharp corners or ends.
  • Intelligence toys for parrotsIt should have a hanger strong enough to support the weight of the parrot.
  • It should not contain chemicals.
  • The beak or foot of the toy should not be stuck or snagged.
  • It should be able to attract the attention of the parrot.
  • It should be the right size for the parrot.

Types of Toys for Parrots

Plastic Toys

These toys, which offer different color and shape options, easily attract the attention of both us and our parrots. Therefore, they are highly preferred. However, if our parrot takes a piece of these toys and swallows it, it can have fatal consequences. For this reason, we should choose the hard and durable ones that our parrot cannot break. The power of their beaks should not be forgotten when choosing. We should prefer the products of well-known and approved quality brands.

Healthy toys for parrots

Metal Toys

It is one of the preferred toys because its sound and bright colors attract the attention of parrots and it is also robust. The most important thing to consider when buying metal toys is to choose the ones that will not rust. It should also not have a pointed or sharp tip and edge that could harm your parrot.

Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are not very long-lasting toys. Our parrot can easily break wooden toys while playing. For this reason, wooden toys should be made of natural materials, not varnished and polished, and chemical paints should not be used for coloring. Those colored with food coloring should be provided.

Although they are not very long-lasting, they are preferred toys. It is very helpful for them to smash these toys, especially so that the beak gets enough exercise and maintains its structure.

Cage toys for parrots

Rope Toys

It is less durable than wooden toys, but it is a very fun toy for parrots. It should not contain substances that may harm them if swallowed, and chemical materials should not be used for coloring.

Natural Toys

They are toys made of natural materials such as coconut shell, tree, bark, various plants. In the selection of toys, care should be taken that it does not contain substances harmful to parrots.

Before Placing the Toy in the Cage

Parrots are suspicious and cautious creatures. For this reason, they do not immediately accept an object they have not seen before, on the contrary, they are afraid of it.

Parrot Toy Accessories

Before putting a new toy in the cage, play with the toy to help her grasp what it is and understand that there is nothing to be afraid of. After she loses her interest in the toy in your hand, help her close to the cage. After she loses her interest in the toy in your hand, place it close to the cage so that it will always be in front of her eyes and she will get used to its presence. By repeating this, slowly bring the toy closer to the cage and finally hang it in the cage. Do not forget to go through the necessary disinfection process before hanging.

It would not be right to expect these intelligent creatures to play with the same toy every day. She will lose her interest in the toy that she does not want to get off of or that she does not drop. That’s why it’s best to change toys periodically. In this way, her interest in her toys does not decrease over time, and if necessary, repairs are made and cleaned on the toy, which has been retired for a while.

Wooden Parrot Toys

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