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The Cockatiel parrot, which is a cute bird species that makes people happy with its appearance, draws attention with its features. Because it is a warm-blooded bird species, it manages to conquer everyone’s heart. For this reason, it is among the most preferred pets among pets.

The Cockatiel parrot, which we will feed in your house, will increase the energy and joy of the house. If they are in your home, they are always strong enough to make you happy.

The cockatielis a touchy bird. That’s why it’s good to be careful. It is an important detail to give enough love so that it is not fragile and not taken. Cockatiels are among the first preferences of the American people.

It is known that in 1793 it was divided into a certain class in Australia. Afterwards, it continues to exist until today and becomes a source of entertainment for homes. It is seen that they enter the home environment by being produced in bird farms and introduced to the whole world.

Since they stay in a herd environment, they continue their lives by adapting to the family environment immediately.

Cockatiel Features and Care

Cockatiel Features and Care

Known for its love and energy, the cockatielrequires being sensitive about its characteristics and care. If we look at the characteristics of the cockatiel, it is seen that they are great at whistling. The male cockatiel has a better speech ability than the female cockatiel.

Also, males have more vocal variety. In addition to all these, they also have the ability to fly for a long time.

A person who owns a cockatiel can hold the parrot on his shoulder. It is a very tame bird and never harms its owner. Apart from eating and playing games, it enjoys being on its owner’s shoulder.

Because they have a strong memory, they can grasp 15 words at a time and transfer them back. They are known for their intelligence. This causes them to be chosen more and attract more attention. For this reason, it is produced on farms and enters the house as a pet.

Cockatiel Parrot Features and Prices

Cockatiel Parrot Features and Prices

The characteristics and prices of the cockatiel, which is a domestic species, are a matter of curiosity. Cockatiel traits include:

  • It is famous for its yellow, gray and white colors.
  • It is known that he lived 20 years.
  • It is a small bird in size.
  • It has whistling and speaking features.
  • They are known to be friendly and adapt to the apartment environment.
  • The feet are the most cold organ. This is because they have no feathers on their feet.

In addition to all these features, the prices of cockatiel parrots are also among the curious ones. Their prices are very affordable and they are suitable to be fed and taken at home. Especially the puppies are more attractive than the adults. Thus, it does not appear to be difficult to purchase.

Since it is produced in bird farms, there are plenty of sultan parrots. This causes the prices to be affordable, making it affordable for everyone. Thus, every house has a budget to buy a cockatiel and this bird, which is the source of joy in the house, is included in the social environment.

What are the Features of Cockatiel Parrot?

What are the Features of Cockatiel Parrot?

Animal lovers, who are curious about bird species, want to know about the characteristics of the cockatielparrot. That’s why he goes into research. After the examinations, he observes that the sultan parrots are the friendliest bird species.

The cockatiel is interesting not only with its features, but also with its nutrition and care. They continue their lives by needing 2 water bowls and feed bowls. Living in a large cage is necessary for their development and comfort. Also, once they like their cage, they can enter and leave the cage themselves. This prevents you from getting into a situation that will force you.

It is a species suitable for home environment. If you like its cheeks and feathers, you will find that there is a parrot that can communicate better with you. Since he is a social creature, there is a child in the house, he makes you feel his air.

Feed selection should also be done well in order to ensure a healthy development. Thus, it can live up to 20 years. Moreover, their maintenance should be done carefully and their maintenance should not be interrupted. Thus, both live better and the parrot will be in good spirits.

Albino Cockatiel Features

Albino Cockatiel Features

The characteristics of the albino cockatiel, which is from the cockatiel group, are quite different. It differs from other cockatiel groups with its colors and features. It is a rare species in the cockatiel group.

They are red-eyed and white in color. In addition to being rare, it also draws attention with its elegance and polite stance. It is a very suitable species for those looking for an elegant parrot species.

The reason for getting the name of albino cockatiel is the lack of melanin pigment in its body. This parrot breed is easy to train. Their memory and intelligence levels are quite strong. You just need to show it from the front a few times to say whatever you want or to get it to sound wet.

It is a bird that grasps the application quickly and tends to learn. However, this bird species does not like to be alone. Therefore, buying them as a pair will make them happy and increase their joy.

Lutino Cockatiel Features

Lutino Cockatiel Features

The features of the lutino cockatiel, which impresses with its white and yellow colors, are quite interesting. Yellow colors are seen on the wings and facial feathers. It also complements its harmony with yellow with its orange spots. There are even species whose body is completely covered with yellow hairs. Its feet and beak are red and it is known as the most common parrot species.

As the lutino cockatiel gets older, its eye color becomes darker. He is very impressed and afraid of night darkness and sudden sounds. For this reason, it is very important for the peace of the animal to choose the place where it will be placed well. Young and young parrots tend to bite.

But an old lutino is not inclined to bite. This breed, which has good learning and development, can learn what you do in a very short time with a reward-based education system. It also improves the speaking feature more easily.

Gray Cockatiel Features

Gray Cockatiel Features

One of the parrot species is the gray cockatiel parrot. In this context; When the characteristics of the gray cockatiel are examined, it is possible to say the following:

  • Its color is known as dark gray.
  • With the harmony of white and orange colors, coloration is seen in their feathers.
  • The beak and feet are black.
  • The gray cockatiel is seen as a female.
  • The male gray cockatiel is more prone to learning.
  • Since they live in herds, they quickly adapt to the social environment.

A smart and intelligent parrot species is one of the most preferred species today.

Pied Cockatiel Features

Pied Cockatiel Features

Types of parrots are very diverse. Therefore, each species has its own characteristics. In addition, if the Pied cockatiel features are considered, the following can be said. It is possible to see white, yellow and gray colors on their bodies.

The color of their wings and face has a lighter color than their body. There are orange spots on the face. This helps them look cuter.

Their development is rapid and they are easier to adapt to the environment. They offer a visual beauty with their colors. Although they are known for their spotted colors, their tail colors and wing colors differ from each other.

Thus, they offer a visual feast. They communicate well with people and get involved in their social lives. This makes the parrot appear as part of the family.

General Characteristics of Cockatiel Parrot

General Characteristics of Cockatiel Parrot

There are general characteristics of the cockatiel parrot, which is among the curious ones. Cockatiels are found in Australia around 1770. It has preserved its existence since those years.

A parrot species belonging to the cockatoo family is of medium height. After its discovery, it opens a living space for itself in America and Europe. In these countries, the continuity of their production is ensured by domestication.

After the 1900s, a great increase in production is seen. Thus, it enters the houses as a highly preferred bird. According to studies, it is the bird species that feeds the most and enters the houses after budgies.

The most distinctive feature of this species is the color of its cheeks and the shape of its tail. It also has the ability to fly for a long time. Human relations are very good. As soon as they feel loved, they quickly adapt to the environment.


They also have the ability to learn the meaning of the words they learn and memorize. This is the clearest indication of how advanced their intelligence is.

The female cockatiel is different from the male cockatiel. He has different abilities, especially in making sounds. The male type is more sensitive and inclined to sounds such as a horn or doorbell. However, the external cockatiel can make a small amount of sound.

Movement abilities are also quite strong. They do not have difficulty expressing their state when they are hungry or in pain. He also draws attention to himself by screaming in an environment where he does not feel safe.

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