Raising Parrots at -20 °C

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The open keel cage that Yiğit Uysal set up in the garden of the house in Kütahya amazes those who see it. In the garden of the house, even at -20°C, the cockatiel, budgerigar, canary and finch, known as warm climate birds, can live.


Selcuk University Faculty of Veterinary Medicine 5. Grade student Yiğit Uysal showed that birds such as cockatiels, budgies, canaries and finch can survive in cold weather with the open keel cage he set up in the garden of his house in Kütahya. In the cage in Yiğit Uysal’s garden, tropical birds could live in the snow at -22 degrees. Even lovebirds have bred.


Birds used insulating materials instead of nests to breed. Realizing that the birds use the insulation materials of the house to breed, Uysal designed nests using aerated concrete. About his cage, Uysal said, “Budgerigars can reproduce even at minus degrees, we have babies in nests. Even puppies can grow up here. There is no problem. It has seen -12°C this year. Cockatiel, canaries did not reproduce in winter. Birds are having a good time.

budgie puppies

There are 4 canaries, 2 cockatiels and around 30 budgies here right now. 2 here. Our winter. Last winter was colder. He saw -20°C. Even the cubs that jumped out of the nest yesterday are still alive, as you can see. The waters freeze during the day. We change their water 2-3 times a day. Our molasses helps them to warm up in our water,” he said. Father Önder Uysal, who showed all his support to Yiğit Uysal in his work, said, “Our job is mining, but we do it as a hobby. We deal with birds.”

finch nests

Golden Finch (Rainbow Finch)


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