What are the Duties of the Animal Lovers Association?

We are surrounded by our beautiful souls who are mouthless, dumb, hungry and thirsty. Home, work, school etc. We see these souls on our way to places. Some love, some kick. This situation varies from person to person. Some people think that only they have the right to live in this world. But animals have one thing they want; A piece of bread, a little love. When you caress their head, you should see their happiness. They are actually better friends than humans. Humans may be ungrateful, but animals are not.

What are the Duties of the Association?

Unfortunately, these animals are not given the attention they deserve. They are despised and humiliated. As shelter, they are taken to poison, to be left hungry and without water.

What are the Duties of the Animal Lovers Association?
For what? Because they complained that she barked, because they were uncomfortable with her being in front of her house. So, will it always be like this? Will there ever be anyone who takes care of these souls?

This is where animal lover associations come into play. The mouths of those mouthless souls become the tongues of mute souls. They protect them and prevent people from doing evil. In short, they take care of animals. They collect donations for sick animals and help them heal. They gather together in unity to feed the hungry animals and instill their love for them. They neuter animals, visit their shelters, do their best to make sure they have a good life. They stand up against those who do evil to them and seek their rights. In fact, these are the actions that every conscientious person should do. It is our duty to protect and watch over those innocents.

Animal Lovers Association

We must be a sensitive society. We should be like the Ottomans. The first animal hospital in the world was opened by the Ottoman Government, named Gurabahane-i Laklakan. She took care of all migratory birds, especially storks. Food was thrown on the mountains, which prevented the animals from starving, and the injured were treated. Now, these people with a heart of gold are keeping this tradition alive in the same way today, under the name of the Animal Lovers Association. They take care of them and instill their love.

List of Animal Societies and Animal Rights Federations

  • Animal Rights Federation (HAYTAP)
  • Association for the Protection of Animals from Helplessness and Apathy (HAÇİKO)
  • Animal Rights Confederation (HAYKONFED)
  • Wildlife Natural Foundation (WWF)
  • Yedikule Animal Friends Association (YHDD)
  • Kocaeli Nature and Animal Rights Defenders Association (KOHSEVDER)
  • Turkish Animal Protection Association (THKD)
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