Settlement of Wild Animals

Settlement of Wild Animals

Why Do Wild Animals Choose Deserted Places?

Animals have basic needs just like humans. One of these basic needs is settlement, also known as shelter. Today, people are killing animals for their own interests.

In order to avoid these massacres in animals, they settle in places where there are no people or where there are few people. However, there are some exceptions. This exception is zoos. Again, people put animals in cages and take them to zoosfor their own interests. This is not the animal’s habitat, it’s a prison.

Animals Choose Places According to Their Characteristics

Settlement of Wild Animals

We said that wild animalschoose deserted places. So, what are these desolate places? Of course, not every wild animal can live in the same place. Each animal has its own unique characteristics. For example, the polar bear was not created for the heat.

Here, too, there are exceptions. For example, there are many creatures living in the same natural habitat. If we want to give some examples of these; Let our natural habitat be the desert. Elephants, giraffes, camels, lions, zebras, jackals etc. are available. So some wild animals can live in the same place. This creates biodiversity.

Settlement of Wild Animals

Settlement of Wild Animals

We cannot say for sure where every animal lives. For example, deer live in forests. However, there are too many forests in the world. We can only generalize from this percentage. Generalization can be:

Lions and Leopards: They usually like warm places. That’s why they like warm places like Africa.

Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe: Like lions, they like warm places. These animals also generally prefer Africa.

Reptiles and Insects: These two types of animals always prefer places with grass and trees. They generally prefer the Equator and its surroundings.

Polar Bear, Whales, Some Fish Types: They live in the poles thanks to their cold-resistant bodies. In particular, whales generally live in the polar regions. Because humans are killing whales and extincting their species. However, whales can live in other places as an exception.

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