Have Animal Killeds Occurred in History?

Although animal rights defenders are doing successful work in this regard, animal exploitation and abuse continues unabated. The fact that vegetarian and vegan diets are becoming a trend makes animal rights defenders happy, but the bloody history remains in its place. So, have animal massacres happened in history?

Have Animal Killeds Occurred in History?

The most striking example of this, unfortunately, is the Bad Island Massacre that took place in the early 1900s in Istanbul

Have Animal Killeds Occurred in History?
. There were no dogs left on the streets of France, as the French used stray dogs to experiment with perfumes and cosmetics. The French, who came to the Ottoman Empire with an agreement, offered to buy the Stray dogs of Istanbul. The Ottoman Empire signed an agreement, thinking that clearing the streets from animalswould be a European act, and the terrible massacre began. Despite all the reactions and objections from the public, more than 80 thousand dogs were confiscated as a result of the collection activities. Dogs waiting to be sold by being put on ships began to die in the grip of hunger and thirst over time.

The Ottomans gradually lowered the price and eventually offered to give it for free, but the French canceled the agreement. Thereupon, tens of thousands of dogs gathered were left to the Pointed Island as it was then known. It was decided that they would die of hunger and thirst on the grounds that it was a sin to be killed according to religion. Although the people could not stand the screams coming from the island and wanted to take food and water in boats, they were not allowed.

Have Animal Killeds Occurred in History?
Before long, the smell emanating from the corpses on the island began to be heard from the Anatolian side and would continue to be heard for years. There were guards on the island and they were constantly throwing the corpses of the dead dogs into the lime pits, but there were so many dogs that they could not keep up. While more than 80,000 dogs died on the island in desperate cries of hunger and thirst, the people believed they were cursed. The pointed island had now become a symbol of shameful brutality and ruthlessness. Its name would now be called the Bad Island.

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