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How Far Do Flying Animals Divide?

According to current information, how many animals can fly? Animals that can fly are divided into three.

These; flying birds from the birds class, bats from the mammalian class and winged insects from the insects class. Flying birds have the most species. Because every individual in the bird class physiologically has flight feathers that later turn into wings. But while a few bird species, such as the penguin, have customized their wings for other purposes instead of using them for flight, some birds such as the ostrich have become atrophied because they do not use them. Bats have the fewest species among animals that can fly. Bats are the only mammals that can fly. The reason for examining bats in the class of mammals is that they reproduce by giving birth and suckle their young.

Flying Birds

It is one of the two subclasses of the bird class, comprising about 10,000 species. If we examine the structure of the wings, the wings, which are connected to the upper part of the back by the wing base, have feathers and flight feathers in addition to bone and skin. Wing shapes also differ from bird to bird. It is narrow and long in fast-flying birds such as swallows, while it is long and wide in constantly migrating birds such as wild geese.

Winged Insects

It is one of the subclasses in the Insects class that contains many species. In winged insects like birds, not every winged insect can fly. Some insects use their wings for protection and defense. The structure of its wings is outwardly curved. The structure and shape of their wings play an important role in the classification of insects.

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Bats, a group of mammals, are the only mammals that can fly. They cover approximately 1000 different species. In bats, the thin skin stretched between the front legs forms a wide wing that extends to the hind legs and tail. Unlike other creatures, bats have an excellent flight system and these features in their systems are imitated by scientists to produce aircraft with high mobility.

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