Cockatiel Food

Cockatiel Feed Concept:

Primarily minerals and grinders

Cockatiel have a muscular stomach. For this reason, they need minerals, grinders and stones to grind what they eat. There are no stomach acids in the concept that we can understand. The stomach secretes fluid, and after this fluid is secreted, it freezes to form a friction area. However, the feed is ground with mineral stones. Therefore, minerals, sea shells and squid bones should be given separately or mixed into the diet.

What does daily feed (Mixed feed) mean:

The so-called uniform feed is a mixed feed that is sold in the market or that you prepare yourself as a mixture. It is enough when given to cockatiels every day.

What Does Supplementary Nutrition Mean:

It means food given for change. There are single-issued seeds, millet, as well as mixed ones.

What Does Feed Plugin Mean:

As can be understood from this word, they are the species added to the food. In other words, vitamins that need to be added to the water, structuring-enhancing products and germinated seeds…

However, the important point that we should not forget is the fresh green vegetables and fruits that should be given daily.


It is possible to find different types of cookies in the market. However, we do not recommend these as they are high in salt and sugar.

It is possible to make such cookies at home, in the form of sticks or croquants, and thus adjust the content in a healthy way.

It is necessary to offer such cookies to cockatiels. Because in this way, she tries to eat the bait and during this struggle she is both having fun and being on the move. Also, her oath is of great importance in defending against others.

As we said, these are in the group of feeds that are given occasionally.

Water – Drinking Water

Water should be given fresh daily. The containers provided should be of easy-to-clean type. It can be polished ceramic, porcelain or steel vessels. Vitamins, strengtheners, minerals, etc., which should be given apart from mixing into the feed. It can also be added to the water. In this way, equal purchases will be ensured throughout the day.

cockatiel parrots are birds that love to eat very, very much. In order for them to be healthy, strong and more resistant to diseases, you need to pay attention to the food they will put in their cages.

First of all, they are basic food for cockatiel parrots. You can buy these baits in open or closed packaging. If you are going to buy it open, you need to pay attention to whether the bait is fresh and there is no insect in it. For this reason, the baits sold in pet shops are a bit risky. Versele Laga Paraket Feed, which I frequently use from closed brands, is a good bait. Cockatiel feeds are actually a slightly more advanced version of the budgie feed. Therefore, if you only give budgie feed, it will be incomplete. You need to add unsalted seeds and crushed hazelnuts. It is beneficial to buy direct cockatiel feed. Also, this bait, which caught my eye, contains a lot of unsalted seeds. Even if they love unsalted seeds, eating too much will cause fat in their livers, and they will get the nutrients they need. If you are buying open food and there are too many seeds in it, I recommend supplementing it with budgie food. Thus, the core rate will decrease.

Another favorite food of cockatiels is millet. The next time she sees a parrot tasting the sprig of millet, she immediately starts running towards it. For this reason, millet is often given as a reward during training. The constant presence of twigs in the cage will cause your bird to become very fat. The best thing is to give the branch millet in moderation.

Cockatiel Feed and Prices

Most people supplement their birds with vitamins, in fact, if they eat vegetables and fruits, you don’t need to give them medication. For this reason, you can make a nice mix once or twice a week. It will be very useful for them to give apples (do not give the seeds), carrots, broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, boiled potatoes, green and red peppers, boiled rice. You can give these vegetables and fruits in your home to your bird after chopping them well. If she absolutely refuses and does not eat them, then you can use vitamin medicine. But if you have a cockatiel who loves to eat them, medicine is unnecessary. She may not start eating immediately when you put them in, she may eat it the second or third time. It is better not to act too hastily.

I also put mixed canary food in a feeder in the cage. They also love to eat it.

Another important food is bird sand. Make sure to have bird sand installed in a separate and small feeder. Bird litter is very necessary for them to digest what they eat. If there is no bird litter, you are likely to see undigested feed in your parrot’s feces.

Again, a useful food for cockatiel parrots is egg food. Egg food is prepared from well-boiled eggs and mixtures that you sprinkle on them. For egg food recipe, please check out this article. This food is also ideal for feeding newly hatched chicks. As soon as the puppies start to hatch, I do not miss egg food and a mixture of vegetables and fruits in the cage. Thus, they grow up very healthy and the mortality of puppies is significantly reduced.

How to Make cockatiel Parrot Feed?

Another useful food is honey crackers. I’m not talking about the honey crackers that are only sold in pet shops and produced under the stairs and whose chemicals are not known. If you are going to buy ready-made, I recommend you to buy a quality brand. Otherwise, those $1 of which are $2 in the box will do more harm than good. I make it myself and it’s pretty easy to make. You can check out this article, which is my video narration for making honey crackers.

Another useful nutrient is the germinated seed. You have to do this yourself at home. Be careful to do it properly or the seeds that have started to produce fungus may harm your bird.

In addition, you have to change the water in your drinkers daily and add the water you drink yourself. It will be useful to drip 2-3 drops of apple cider vinegar in the water, depending on the size of the drinker, two days a week.

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