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If you have adopted or are going to adopt a pet, you should not forget that there are criteria that you must accept first. You have to offer her a comfortable life. Remember that when the time comes, you have to spend the money in your pocket on her feed or, if she gets sick, on veterinary expenses. She is now your responsibility and a living creature in need of you. For this reason, you have to know the characteristics of the animal you will adopt, its living conditions and its needs in the environment in which it will live. Otherwise, you can only go beyond tormenting her.

When I come across those who feed cockatiel parrots in the places I live, I look at their cage, the contents of their cage and I really feel sad. According to the person about the missing faulty cage, the answer is always the same;

“The seller at the pet shop said this would be the cage.”

Of course she says so. It looked like you’re not going to pay too much or you might go to another seller. She pushed past the love cage, “This would be great.” Most people naturally choose to believe it. She officially tortures her cockatiels in tiny and round cages without any research.

Let’s come to our topic. How should a cockatiel cage be?

Cockatiel Cages
First of all, it should not be round. Do not forget this. Kafes kare yada dikdörtgen olmalı. Round cages can cause cockatiels to lose their sense of direction. Your bird will be stressed frequently in a round cage. Click here for an example of a faulty cage.

Rectangular cages should be 30cm x 30cm x 30cm for single cockatiels and 50cm x 50cm x 50cm for double cockatiels. That’s the least though. It will be better if it is bigger. Their tails should not rub against the cage wire when standing in the perch. It would be nicer to have horizontal wires on both sides of the cage vertically. It makes sense to choose a brass cage rather than a painted one. In this way, there is no case of eating and poisoning by removing the dyes while pinching the cage wires.

Here’s how you can find a nice cafe at affordable prices.

Another important point is that there should be a grill under the cage. While the cockatiel is walking around the cage floor, it should not reach the dirt that falls under the grill. cockatiel love to poke and peck everything. This includes their own feces. In addition, if you overlook those who fall under the cage while eating foods such as egg food that you will give, they may deteriorate over time and should not be able to reach them.

Perches must be wooden. Do not use a plastic perch. It is ideal if it is 1 or 1.5 cm in diameter and round. In addition, in the cage;

  • Squid bone: In order to get the calcium it needs)
  • Bird litter: Put half in a small feeder. She eats as much as she needs when she needs it. You don’t need to pour it into the bait. He eats as much as he needs when he needs it. Since it is fine-grained, it disappears under the feed. Bird litter is necessary for digesting their feed. If you do not put bird litter, you are likely to see undigested feeds in your feces.
  • Beak Stone
  • Feeders and drinkers: When buying feeders, stay away from budgie feeders that are attached to the outside of the cage. cockatiel with small mouths cannot put their heads in them. Even if they sting, it will damage the head hairs.

You can also wear toys, bells. The fact that toys are not plastic is good for their health. Attach the manger and drinker at the level of the perch so that your cockatiel can drink her water and eat her oath. A wooden swing is one of the favorite toys of cockatiels.

It is not correct to attach a mirror to the cockatiel cage. Your bird may fall in love with herself while watching herself in the mirror.

Long story short, the better you prepare the living environment of the cockatiel parrot, the healthier and happier your bird will be.

With love.

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