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Budgie Vitamin

Budgerigars, which make friends with most people at home, are very affectionate animals with both their sounds and images. The homeland of budgerigars, which bring peace and joy to the environment they live in, is Australia. These showy animals belong to the same family as parrots. Pet budgies have many colors and patterns.

Some species of sparrow-like budgies can be slightly larger. Budgerigars, which can be in blue and green colors, may also have different color clusters in their feathers. So, what kind of treatment and precautions are needed when the budgerigar needs vitamins or gets sick? Let’s learn together.


Budgie Antibiotic

Care and cleaning of budgerigars is very important. Budgies that are neglected can get sick. However, budgerigars that are well fed and receive the necessary food will have a high immune system. Budgies can also get seriously ill from time to time.

In such cases, whether it is intestinal infections or serious diseases such as Coccidiosis, it will be necessary to give the bird an antibiotic supplement. It is often not possible to cure your bird with your own methods at home. For this reason, it is imperative that you seek help from a specialist veterinarian. Your veterinarian will give you the necessary information about budgie antibiotics.

Apex Powder Multivitamin

Budgie Vitamins

Budgies, like humans, may need vitamin supplements. Therefore, in the care of budgies, sometimes vitamins can be added to the water they drink. The containers in which the birds drink water should be positioned in an easily accessible part of the cage. The bird that takes vitamins has a healthier body and its immunity is strengthened.

Vitamin supplements, which also provide serious benefits during breeding periods, will support the budgerigar to produce new eggs in a healthy way. In addition, baby budgies can also get help from vitamins to grow and develop in a healthy way. Budgerigar vitamins should be used as written on their boxes and the dose should never be exceeded.

Apex Divitsol

Budgie Antibiotic Names

Some people give antibiotics from time to time even though their budgies are not sick. Unless your budgie is sick, it would be wrong to give any medication. Antibiotics are not a solution for protection, but a type of drug that is effective in curing an existing disease. If you give your budgie an antibiotic unnecessarily, you will do more harm than good. But sometimes your bird can become seriously ill and will really need medication.

The most common health problems experienced by birds are diarrhea and intestinal infections. It would not be right to make many suggestions about budgerigar antibiotic names. It will be the veterinarians who will decide this. However, the antibiotic called caremycin is perfect for the treatment of serious diseases in budgerigars. Apex is among the most preferred drugs in the drug called dipitsol.

Diazyme 256 Probiotic

Budgie Probiotic

In times of stress in birds, beneficial bacteria are lost and as such, diseases that cause fungi or bacteria find a suitable environment for excessive development. Conditions such as decreased appetite, diarrhea and weakening of the body manifest themselves. Since probiotics have a beneficial place at this point, they keep the useless and beneficial bacteria in balance.

Birds can be given probiotics before or just after stress. As it is done in this way, disease formations are also taken under control. Probiotics are water-soluble forms that are added to the feed of birds. The use of budgerigar probiotics is supportive for your bird’s health.



Budgie Medicines

As the name suggests, budgie medicines can be used in case of illness. Sometimes your budgie; Stress, relocation, treatment may be due to situations such as loss of appetite. In such cases, medication will be required. Medicines containing echinacea root can be preferred for budgies. You can also give your budgie, who is faced with diarrhea and intestinal infections, to heal by giving medication.

There are also drugs that strengthen the immune system and regulate the respiratory system. When your bird catches a cold, you can also use medicine to relieve her breathing. Brands such as Avi-ast, sera diropur, avi diar, avisol, zurich are popular drugs for the treatment and care of your budgerigar.

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Budgie Aspirin

Budgerigar aspirin use should not be preferred unless absolutely necessary. If you give your bird aspirin for the slightest problem, you can even cause death. If your budgie is wheezing and has the flu, you can give aspirin. Aspirin, which is mostly for babies, is used in the treatment of budgies. After filling the container in which your bird drinks water with clean water at room temperature, you can throw aspirin into it and give it.

Budgie Making Vitamins at Home

You can also choose vitamin supplements that you prepare at home for your budgies. Making vitamins for budgies at home is extremely simple. You can fill the water in which you have rested the thyme into the waterer of your budgie. Or it is useful to add a few drops of lemon to the water in the glass. You can strengthen your budgie’s immunity by dripping apple cider vinegar 1-2 times a week.

Beaphar Multivitamin Budgie

Budgie Vitamin

Foods such as apples, carrots and eggs that you will prefer for your budgerigars are also very useful foods in terms of vitamin needs. Sometimes the vitamins in liquid form and natural methods that you will supplement externally will make your bird healthier and stronger, making it resistant to diseases. It is necessary to be careful in the use of budgerigar vitamin and not to overdo it.

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