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African Gray Parrot Price

The African Gray parrot ranks first among the birds that have the most developed speech ability and become professional in this field among parrot species. Although bird feeding continues to increase day by day in Turkey and around the world, African Gray parrot species are the most suitable species for feeding. It has a unique noble stance and color. Although its color is gray, black and white, it has a transitional structure. African Gray parrots are very smart, intelligent, but they have a funny nature. Although a different price is determined in each market, the African Gray parrot has prices ranging from $7.000 to $20.000 on average. Before buying a African Gray parrot, you can buy a African Gray parrot by researching the price.

What are the prices and features of African Gray parrots?

African Gray parrots are found in many different locations around the world. It is the most preferred bird for feeding because it is spread all over the world. Due to its easy availability, it is kept in many homes. The distinctive features of African Gray parrots are as follows;

Their speech features make it the most preferable bird. At the same time, since it is a smart bird, it easily learns all the words you teach and can imitate you in a short time. With these features, they make themselves loved.

When African Gray parrots are compared with other parrot species, the most important feature that distinguishes them from the others is their curious nature. They are quite curious compared to other bird species. Their skepticism is another feature that distinguishes them from others.

African Grays can live up to 70 years, although lifespans generally vary between 20 and 25 years.

Although African Gray parrots have the ability to imitate, they can make the same voice of their owner in a short time. This parrot species, which makes the same tones up to the vocal tones, is a successful bird.

African Gray parrots are generally about the size of a pigeon. Female African Gray parrots have a smaller size than male African Grays.

The eyes of African Gray parrots younger than 1 year old are black, while the eye color of parrots over 1 year old is gray.

What will those who buy African Gray parrots feed?

African Gray parrots generally like to be fed with quality foods. In general, you can feed African Gray parrots at home with dry food at home. Apart from these, there are various foods that she is fond of. These; They consume healthy foods such as unsalted sunflower seeds, boiled eggs, nuts, cheese, vegetable varieties, corn and cooked meat.

How is the price and care of the African Gray parrot?

If you are going to buy a baby African Gray parrot, the first thing to do is to take care of the baby in the best way possible. African Gray puppies need to stay with their parents for at least two weeks. One of the most important reasons for this is that the baby African Gray parrot’s digestive system is not very developed. In order for the digestive system to strengthen, it must stay with its parents. Baby food can be preferred for feeding the baby African Gray parrot. If you are buying a puppy far from its family, you can feed it with baby food with peace of mind. While feeding, you can feed it with the help of a syringe. The most important point to note is that baby African Gray parrots have small stomachs, so baby food should be given in small and intermittent intervals.

Bring joy to your life by buying a African Gray parrot

The speech features of parrots are both fun and allow your life to be different. If you want to bring joy to your homes, you can buy African Gray parrots and make them a member of your family. The African Gray parrot will not shake your budget, as it is affordable in price.

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