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Things to Know Before Buying a Cockatiel

Things to Know and Questions to Ask Before Buying a Cockatiel

Allergy or similar situations Do you have allergies or similar situations in those living at home?

These birds shed small feathers. Since this can cause allergic reactions and problems when inhaled, it is definitely inconvenient to feed them in the sleeping room.

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The parrot should not be seen as an item.

It should not be thrown into a corner.

It is a wrong behavior to act at will and give it back.

Now, since our main topic is cockatiel, let’s answer the necessary parts about them. Since Cockatiels are a species that is very close to parrots as a social life style, there are many situations that should be considered in them.

Will I Buy a Plush Toy Version Pet?

Then don’t buy sultan sultans are a kind of bird, so they are not plush toys. They are not particularly suitable for children; because sultans are not squeezed and bored.

They should always be looked at as a couple. A man can never be a wife to him. He cannot replace his fellow man. Although it is docile by nature, calculate that you should buy it in pairs when buying.

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You must have a large space, don’t say what it means!

These are not caged birds. Who would appreciate a living room the size of a small shower cabin, though. If you can’t give them a release inside the room (which is also a requirement according to the animal protection law), the cage they are in should be 100 cm x 50 cm x 100 cm for 2 cockatiels. But even so, they will have to stay in the open and fly daily.

So you need a place, not a corner! Cockatiels stink. They scatter around them while they eat. They molt as they fly while cleaning. Small or large, these will also fly around the room and make the room dirty. Also, there are white powders originating from their natural structure and there will be plenty of room in them. They will toilet around while flying, so there is no such thing as toilet training. Before you buy it, you have to ask yourself if I can live with it.

You should always feed them clean water, as they cannot afford to eat or drink at home. You should take vitamin and mineral supplements.

Cockatiel Training

If you are on vacation, you should supply the amount that will last a day or two. One-day excursions in Cockatiel are not a problem. Cleanliness and hygiene are also an important issue for Cockatiels.

The bottom of the cage and the raft should always be cleaned and, if possible, bird sand should be placed (otherwise it can be sawdust, bird soil, sea sand, grass straw.) Sand should be changed so that bacteria formation is prevented. Perches should also be washed with hot water at frequent intervals. Feed containers should always be kept clean and leftover feed should be thrown out twice a day.

Cockatiels love change. That’s why she should make time for it and there should be trees, perches, branches or toys that will be busy for her when you are not there.

Cockatiels are very intelligent, but they do not like to be ruled by themselves. They will not speak generally; but you have the chance to teach a few words. But this takes a lot of effort and time. If you’ve gotten used to eating bait from your hand and it doesn’t fly away right away, then you’ve come a long way in taming it. Because the most successful thing is to put it on the finger.

Cockatiel are not good for satisfying your ego.

Cockatiels are not beautiful (like canary) birds. It is more of a shouting and noisy species. They do not remain silent on command.

It is necessary to monitor them constantly so that they can notice the slightest change and control their health. These are the types that can be in the patient. Thus, it is necessary to go to the vet, which creates an expense. That is, it is a type that has an expense.

Cockatiel started to bite

A Cockatiel will live 20 years in good condition. Never forget this when buying.

All the above-mentioned items are necessary for a Cockatiel. So think carefully.

Cockatiel First Day At Home

If we have prepared the appropriate conditions and environment, it comes to waiting for the sultan to get used to us. We need to give them calm and time for this. Because everything is very new for her, and on top of that, a person who pierces her eye seems dangerous.

This does not mean that we will be invisible. We should approach the keel or cage calmly (carefully) at a distance of 1-2 meters. The cage should be mounted at eye level, not so that you look down on it or look down on you. We should talk to our sultan in a calm and loving tone. Shouting or talking loudly is absolutely wrong. As a matter of fact, the sultan has no space to be influenced and run away.

Cockatiels should definitely be kept in the daily living area. In this way, they will understand more quickly where they are and who is included in this family and environment. It is useful in keeping children away in the first place. Because they are unconscious, they can hit the top of the cage. This can cause a cockatiel shock effect.

After you get to know the environment for a while and get used to it, you can release it in the room.

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Things to Consider When Cockatiels Are Released

  • Windows must be closed
  • Room plants (living room flowers) should be removed in case they can be poisonous.
  • If there is a cable or similar things should be closed.
  • Curtains (for the possibility of hanging) should be fixed
  • The gaps in the back of the cabinets should be checked.
  • Drawers must be closed
  • box etc. things must be turned off
  • Ashtrays should be removed
  • If there are fly or similar animal traps, they should be removed.
  • Bathroom toilet doors should be closed, because toilet bowls are dangerous.
  • Warning adhesive must be placed on large glass areas to prevent them from hitting them while flying.
  • Feed should be placed outside where they can reach them in order for them to return to the cage.

It is quite possible to tame the sultans, even when they are fed in plural. The important thing is to gain the bird’s trust; Because in this way, it will be possible to intervene in diseases or behavioral disorders in emergency situations. The best acclimation method is a favorite bait and etc. things will be offered. Small treats always make handling easier so the bird realizes that the hand is not a bad thing.

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