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Animals are our loyal friends, silent servants in our lives, ornaments that make the world beautiful. Sometimes these beautiful creatures get sick, may not be self-sufficient or need an expert hand. In this case, the veterinary profession is important for us. This animal species itself should be cared for as much as it is special. There are many parrot veterinarians dedicated to parrots.

One of those beautiful companions is parrots. Parrots with curved beaks that make up the group of parrots; They are bird species living in warm regions with meaty, long and thick tongues, bright feathers. It is a group of birds with more than 300 species that migrated to the tropics. Among them, many species are known by names such as parakeet, cockatoo, kea, and ara. The characteristics of all these intelligent animals also vary among themselves.

Sometimes a general veterinarian may not be enough for these special animals. Because only a parrot veterinarian can learn important details about eating and drinking, special care, health and reproduction of these special creatures. Parrot veterinarians give you the assurance of entrusting your friends with confidence and performing the best care and health checks.

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Support of Parrot Veterinarians During Parrot Training

Parrots are the most developed brain organization in the bird class. Their average lifespan is up to 70 years, and those living in cages can live up to 30-50 years. The number of eggs varies between 2-8 pieces. The incubation period lasts 17-28 days. Small-bodied ones incubate once, large-bodied incubates twice. Only the female is incubated, but both sexes take care of the young equally.

These intelligent animals are more suitable and enjoyable to train than many other animal species. Thanks to our expert veterinarians, you can learn how to communicate better and provide better training with your animal. Our veterinarians are here to support you during this training process.

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Parrot Nutrition

Parrots may also need different types of nutrition at different times. In addition, parrots are also divided into species within themselves. There may also be nutritional differences between these species. For example, the African Gray Parrot; It can be fed with many foods such as seed grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, ready-made feeds, but there are also foods that should not be eaten. There are also foods that are dangerous for parrots and should never be fed, here are some of them:

  • Salt and all foods containing salt,
  • excessively fatty crackers,
  • greasy potato chips,
  • avocado and some tropical fruits,
  • food and beverages containing coffee and caffeine,
  • alcohol-containing foods and beverages,
  • seeds of apples and other fruits,
  • garlic and onion ingredients,
  • sugary foods,
  • chocolate,
  • leavened foods and mushrooms,
  • milk and milk products,
  • curly,
  • cabbage, broccoli,
  • Rojo Brillante
  • soda and carbonated foods,
  • moldy and spoiled food,
  • stinky food,
  • roasted and salted nuts.

In addition, we, as the parrot veterinarian team, are happy to be with you and our little friends in case of any nutritional problem or need.

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Some Care to be Applied to Parrots and Parrotidae

These birds, which have bright and colorful wings, can sometimes experience shedding and thinning of their feathers for various reasons, in such cases it is important to get support from expert teams like us. Nail care and trimming are important for parrots, as with many bird species. In our clinic, support and training on this type of care are also provided. You can contact the parrot veterinarian when needed, and get the support of our expert veterinarians.

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Some Common Diseases in Parrots
  • parrot fever
  • Mushrooms
  • Polyomo virus
  • digestive system disorders
  • feather plucking

Your parrot may also experience problems such as a giardiasis cyst. Regular checkups are important to help you tackle problems early on and less suffering for your bird. The parrot veterinarian aims for your birds and therefore your peace and happiness.

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