Liver Disease in Parrots

Liver disorders are very important as they bring many diseases. When a problem occurs in the functioning of the liver, which undertakes the task of processing and eliminating wastes in all living things, many other body systems will be affected.

PSITTACOSE is the leading cause of liver disease in parrots. PSITTACOSE is the leading cause of liver disease in parrots. In addition, SALMANELLA INFECTION and PACHEO DISEASE, which are also created by bacteria, can cause significant damage to liver cells.

Parrot Diseases

Fatty Liver in Parrots

The nutritional diet of the parrot is the most important factor in the destruction of the liver. Excess seed-based nutrition leads to a number of dysfunctions due to fatty liver, reduction of cells, and consequently its inability to fully perform its function. Due to the destruction of liver cells, the general condition of the parrot deteriorates over time. After a while, it becomes jaundiced and unfortunately causes the death of the parrot.

As a result of small amount and one-way nutrition, degeneration occurs in liver cells. This vital organ shrinks. It does not fulfill its function as a result of the discomfort.

Parrots Disease and Treatment

Budgerigar Bowing Her Head And Standing On The Floor Of The Cage

It is more common in diseases of Amazon parrots, cockatiels and budgies. Infectious diseases, lubrication, poisoning, tumors, circulatory disorders and excessive mineral-rich diet are the most common causes. It gives clinical findings such as bloating in the abdomen, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite, weight loss, increased amount of urine, loss of fluid, behavioral disorders over time, plucking hair, and excessive itching. It sits indifferently either on the perch or at the bottom of the cage. They do not eat.

Liver cells are perfect formations that have the ability to renew themselves due to their structure. Even with the destruction of more than 50% of the cells, it tries to fulfill its functions. Therefore, they may not give any clinical symptoms. Except for a very good observation, this disease can be overcome by the parrot owners until they reach the last stages of the disease.

Fatty Liver in Parrots

Budgerigar Liver and Lung Disease Treatment

Parrots On examination, the liver is palpable in frail and young parrots. Laboratory tests are helpful in diagnosis. Enlargement is detected in the liver region with X-ray. The liver can also be evaluated with ultrasound. By eliminating the cause, supportive treatment can be performed.

In order to prevent the disease that develops due to excessive fat in the liver, it is necessary to adjust the ratio of sunflower seeds and peanuts in the diet of the parrot very well. These fat-rich foods cause serious problems over time when consumed in excess.

Parrot Disease Symptoms

Since it is not possible to treat a damaged liver, prevention of the disease with a balanced diet and good care will be the best approach.

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