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Budgerigar Diarrhea

Budgerigars, one of the most preferred pets, have a very sensitive body. Although they seem active because they are constantly crowing in the house, they can get sick in some cases.

In this sense, the problem of budgerigar diarrhea is a very important situation. Diarrhea is a very common disease in birds. There are main reasons for this and it is a very important issue to be treated as soon as possible.

Budgerigar Diarrhea Treatment

If there is diarrhea due to inadequate and wrong nutrition, it is necessary to prepare a suitable nutrition program in order to correct it. When feeding budgerigars, ready-made budgie feeds can be preferred. Ready-made feeds contain nutrients that will meet the needs of the budgerigar. In this sense, quality feeds should be used whenever possible by paying attention to the feeding of budgerigars during diarrhea treatment.

In infectious diarrhea, it is necessary to use an appropriate drug according to the type of microorganism. In general, antibiotics are used to prevent the progression of bacterial infections and to provide treatment. But paying attention to antibiotic choice and dose adjustment removes concerns about the bird’s health. For this reason, antibiotic therapy should be administered under the supervision of a veterinarian.

Budgerigar Diarrhea Medicine

Budgerigar Diarrhea Medicine

Birds experience a decrease in body temperature during diarrhea. For this reason, the bird should be prevented from getting cold. Since birds experience water loss during diarrhea, fresh and clean water should be kept in the cage at all times.

In addition, there are liquid drops for budgergar diarrhea medicine. The healing of the budgie can be accelerated by performing the applications written on it. The point to be noted here is that the water in which these drugs should be used must be freshened 2-3 times a day, being more sterile than normal.

Budgerigar Feces

Budgerigar Feces

In general, budgerigardroppings are not too runny or too solid in normal times. However, if there is a very loose stool situation, diarrhea should come to mind. Although not very often, budgerigars may defecate loose and solid from time to time. This does not mean that she immediately gets sick. Birds excrete feces and urine together.

The stool part is usually greenish in color and dark. Urine is a white-like color. With the increase in nutrition, fresh fruit consumption, consumption of juicy foods and especially water consumption, an increase in urine level occurs and the density of urine decreases. It is common to confuse this condition with diarrhea.

Budgie Apple Cider Vinegar

Budgerigar Diarrhea Apple Cider Vinegar

Budgerigar diarrhea apple cider vinegar can be used to help stop diarrhea and to expel parasites.

It should be ensured that apple cider vinegar is dripped into the budgerigar’s bowl of clean water, approximately 10 days or once every 2 weeks, with two drops of apple cider vinegar. In this way, the parasites in the budgerigar’s intestines are eliminated.

Things to Consider in Budgerigar Diarrhea

Things to Consider in Budgerigar Diarrhea

Not giving any additional food other than feed during diarrhea is an important detail in terms of what needs to be considered in budgerigar diarrhea. Daily fruit, vegetable or food should be interrupted during this process. In addition, it is very important to have bird sand in the cage. Finally, in the water containers that have been given the drug, the drug should not be kept for more than eight hours and the water should be refreshed at certain intervals.

When the budgerigar is to be fed, an ideal environment should be chosen for the bird. Exposure of this selected area to air flow should be avoided. Temperature changes should not be too much, but should take place in a temperature range to be stable. Since birds are sensitive to stress, it is necessary to keep them away from stress factors as much as possible.

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