Baby Parrot

When the parrotgets used to you, it can be a very good roommate. But you should not forget that these big friends are also extremely sensitive. You must provide them with careful and clean care.

Here are some useful tips for parrot care:

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What Does a Baby Parrot Eat?

Keep your water and feed clean

Clean the baby parrot’s food and water bowls daily and put fresh water and food in them.

Clean the cage regularly

You can change these papers every 2-3 days and make cleaning easier by laying newspaper papers at the bottom of the cage. Do not forget to regularly clean the shell, core food residues, and scattered toys from the cage. Also, make sure that the toys you keep in the cage are clean. When cleaning the cage, use disinfectants that are not harmful to birds.

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Put your toys in different places

After cleaning your parrot’s toys, place them in different places. Parrots are both very inquisitive and very intelligent, and they also like to have change around them.

Train your parrot constantly so that she can use her intelligence

A parrot does not like to live in isolation in its cage. With a little research, you can find different ways to train your parrot and keep it alert, interested and happy.

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Teaching your parrot to speak

Most parrots will eventually learn to speak a word or two by imitating their owner, but if you really want to try and teach them, you need to spend regular time with them.

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