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Cockatiels, with their beautiful plumes that look like jelly, and orange cheeks with natural make-up, are tiny cute pets that deserve love like every living thing. When we want to buy these 80 gram things for our home, we have to make a choice and know where to buy them. Unfortunately, animal lovers who do not have any knowledge are deceived by pet shops. We buy sick animals for a high price, maybe we see them die in the week we bring them home. In order not to experience these situations, let’s list the main things to consider when buying a cockatiel:

When buying a parrot:

  • 1. First of all, I wonder if I can be a good caregiver?
  • 2. It should not look sluggish or sluggish.
    Cheap Parrot
  • 3. When you approach the cage, it should become active and curious. It must be active in the cage, related to other sultans.
  • 4. There should be no baldness, especially on the back and wings. (It means there is a plucking problem.)
  • 5. She should not sleep with her head buried and fluffy all the time. (If it doesn’t wake up and startle when you touch the cage wires with a sound, it means there is a problem.)
  • 6. There should be no runny nose.
  • 7. Eye squinting, redness, etc. shouldn’t be. Eyes should be bright.
  • 8. Hair should be neat (like combed), shiny and clean.
  • 9. There should be no white spots on its feet and beak. (If you don’t have a fungal disease.)
  • 10. Wings should be upright, meeting at the back to cover the back.
  • 11. If you can look in that crowd, look at her excrement. It should not be too liquid or different in color.
  • 12. There should be no feces on her bottom.
  • 13. There should be no weakness or dents in the abdomen.
  • 14. Its tail should be fixed while breathing.
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