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Budgerigar Baby Development – 30 Days

Hello, we have planned to display the offspring of a 1-month-old pair of budgies with photos and videos and turn them into a detailed information bank. Our teammates are working diligently in this regard. We should mention at the beginning that Mother Lutino, Father Cremio budgie are the first offspring of this pairing. Previously, Father (Cremio) had puppies from other wives, but the mother (lutino) will have taken care of their first offspring with this pairing.

Before mating, we had the female mated with a male lutino of the same race, but this mating also put the female lutino male in a very bad situation due to the inexperience of the #male #parakeet. after health treatments we put the male lutino in another mate. The mother lutino has a very maternal nature, as if she had taken care of a few more offspring before, after mating with the new cremio she began to look after her eggs. When the father became experienced, the mother lutino also took his experience from him, and it was the mother lutino who benefited the most in the growth of these offspring.

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