What Are the Vertebrate Species?

Vertebrates are the animalsthat have the bones and cartilages that make up the internal skeleton in their bodies, that have the highest level of tissue and organ development, and the highest level of development. These animals, which reproduce sexually, have common features such as the presence of special systems in their bodies and the use of kidneys for excretion.

1. Fishes

Fish that can live both sweet and salty are known for using their fins and breathing through gills while moving. The bodies of the fish are covered with scales. Their hearts are structured with two chambers and only dirty blood is present in the heart. The body temperature of cold-blooded fish that does not hibernate despite being cold depends on the temperature of the water. Their reproduction is external fertilization and external development is in the form of ovulation.


2. Frogs

Frogs, whose skin must be thin and moist, must live near the water. They breathe through the lungs and skin at puberty, and gills like fish as juveniles. Its long, webbed hind legs enable it to leap and swim. Their tongues used for feeding are long and sticky. Their hearts are structured with three chambers and dirty blood is pumped throughout the body, so they are cold-blooded animals. Their reproduction occurs by ovulation in the form of external fertilization and external development. They undergo metamorphosis during the transition from infancy to adulthood.


3. Reptiles

Since their bodies are large compared to their arms and legs, they move by crawling on their bellies. The hearts of reptiles that breathe with lungs are structured with three chambers. These cold-blooded animalshave dirty blood circulating in their bodies due to the heart structure. They reproduce by internal fertilization and external development by laying eggs.

Reptiles; chameleon, daddy bear, gecko, wall lizard, molok, spotted lizard, iguana, varan, sphenodon, tuatara, green lizard, galapagos tortoise, swamp turtle, hermann tortoise, lute turtle, carretta turtle, sea turtle, sea turtle, sea turtle


It is covered with feathers that allow it to fly and retain body heat. Lung-breathing birds feed on their beaks without teeth. Birds, which are warm-blooded animals, reproduce with eggs as internal fertilization and external development.


5. Mammals

Mammals, which have the most adaptability to the earth, are the most developed living group. They breathe through lungs and they are warm-blooded because clean blood circulates in their bodies. They reproduce in the form of internal fertilization and internal development and provide care and protection for their offspring.

Mammals; Tiger, Bat, Dolphin, Wolf, Jackal, Lion, Skunk, Badger, Otter, Bear

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