Parrot Prices

Parrot Prices 2022

Papağanı fiyatları 2022

Parrot prices vary according to 2022 current economic situation, price hikes and store. Parrot prices are currently available from institutions, call centers and relevant stores. While buying a parrot, in line with the negative conditions in the economy, the prices of the services or products needed such as the price of the parrot increase and the price should be compared before the consumers buy it.

And as a result, consumers prefer affordable prices for needs or services such as parrot price. When buying a parrot, not only the economic conditions are taken into account, but also the breed of the parrots.

Alexander Parrot Price 2022

Alexander Parrot Price 2022

Alexander parrots are very popular because they are extremely beautiful. The prices of Alexander parrots are also very affordable. In addition, Alexander parrots are more resistant to cold than other parrot species. It is a parrot species belonging to the Psittacidae family. It is one of the two parrot species found in Turkey. This parrot species, which is seen in flocks in Asian countries other than Turkey, is also seen in Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.

People who want to have this parrot but are hesitant about the price of the Alexander parrot 2022 will not have much difficulty because the prices are affordable. The price issue also depends on the person who will buy the bird. When people decide to buy a Alexander parrot, they can get information from the most accurate and reliable pet shops and compare prices. The Alexander parrot is a bird species that should be fed with mixed feeds and fruits, and at the same time, cereal seeds and green vegetables can be used in its diet. A wide cage should be chosen because of the long length of the Alexander bird.

Our price prediction for the Alexander parrot in 2022 varies between $1,000 and $3,000. This variability varies according to the parrot’s training, care and geography.

Cockatoo Price 2022

Cockatoo Price 2022

Cockatoo parrots are a type of parrot that you can easily feed without any trouble because they are both docile and friendly creatures. Cockatoo parrot price 2022 is offered for sale in the markets by determining low figures. You can easily reach parrots that are affordable and will bring joy and difference to your homes. Cockatoo parrots, which are popular with their social and playful sides, are quite intelligent species.

Cockatoo parrots are shy creatures by nature. For this reason, they cannot live due to a low cage, they get stressed. If the cockatoo is to be fed, you need to fill it with a large cage and toys. Their food habits are generally forest fruits and seeds. When you give cockatoos enough attention, they can learn 15 to 20 words and speak.

The price range we foresee is between $5,000 and $10,000 Of course, the prices of these parrots vary according to their breed, characteristics and abilities.

Love Parrot Prices 2022

Love Parrot Prices 2022

Love parrots are parrots that are very fond of their wives. This is where their names come from. Those who want to feed a love parrot should feed them in pairs. Because couples spend most of the day taking care of each other. However, those who are fed alone are also very interested in the bird owner and expect great attention from the owner in return. The price of the love parrot is increasing every year depending on the purchasing power of 2022 feed and food.

You can feed the love parrot with ready-made food and occasionally with fruits. They are quite mischievous and curious birds. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful when they roam freely at home. They can harm themselves and their belongings. They usually like to stand on their head and shoulder when their owner is at home. It is one of the noisy parrot species. They have coarse and violent voices. Their speaking skills are not very developed, but with good training they can repeat some words.

The prices of the love parrots we foresee in 2022 vary between $100 and $300.

African Gray Parrot Price 2022

African gray parrot price 2022

African grays are large birds. Their weight averages around 500 grams. They are very intelligent parrots. It can learn around a thousand words and its speaking skills are higher than other parrots. African gray parrots’ mimicry abilities are more developed than other parrot species. If the African gray parrot is used to you, it will imitate every sound you make. They don’t like to be alone. They expect intense attention and love. African gray parrot prices 2022 are higher than other parrot species.

When buying an African gray parrot, it should be taken into consideration with the baby type. Because yellow and black parrots are African gray parrots, which are now in the developmental period. You can feed your African gray parrot with ready-made food and fruits. It may take about 1 week to 15 days for African gray parrot to get used to you. You should show that you love him by generally showing affectionate manners when approaching his cage. Thus, she will get used to you more quickly and it will be easier for you to train her.

The African grey parrot prices that we foresee in 2022 are between $2,000 and $5,000.

Forpus parrot price 2022

Forpus Parrot Price 2022

The homeland of forpus parrots, which are very similar to the budgerigar, is South America. It is a very popular and popular parrot species in Turkey. Forpus parrot price 2022 differs according to the age, sex and various other characteristics of the parrot. Small size forpus parrots are more affordable. Standing out as the smallest parrot species in the world, forpus parrots do not make any sounds unlike other bird species.

Owners of this bird often cannot say that they are dealing with problems such as dandruff and feathers. These birds are a very interesting and curious species. After they get used to their owners, they fall in love with their owners and become jealous of their owners from other people. Especially her imitation skills are very good. If you want to buy a forpus parrot, you should buy cages that are 3 or 4 times larger than their wingspan. Forpus parrots, which are usually fed bird food, should not eat fruits, vegetables and greens compared to other birds.

2022 yılında öngördüğümüz forpus papağanı fiyatları $100 ile $300 arasında değişiklik gösterecektir.

budgerigar price 2022

Budgerigar Price 2022

The budgerigar is a domestic bird from the parrot family. It is one of the domesticated pets especially in Turkey. They impress themselves with their colorful and long hairs. Budgies that cheer up homes are friendly. Prices of budgerigars vary according to 2022 breeds and hatchlings. It is the best selling bird group in Turkey. They are extremely mobile. Feeding the budgies alone will not be enough. Budgies can be given greens from time to time. Budgerigars also love to consume a variety of fruits and vegetables. Budgies’ cages need to be cleaned daily.

Our price projection for budgies varies between a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $200 in 2022, depending on education, maintenance and geographical conditions.

budgerigar price 2022

Lovebird Price 2022

Lovebird is a type of parrot whose homeland is the African continent, loves a humid and hot climate and feeds on seeds. They are found in large numbers on islands located in the Indian Ocean. Playful parrots, which are social enough to be close to people, are suitable to be fed in pairs. When fed alone, it has a structure that requires more attention and more toys in its cage.

Prices of lovebirds increase according to the purchasing power of their needs such as feed and food by 2022. Generally, prices are reasonable. Lovebirds should be placed in a cage in which they can move freely. The cage should be high in length and have horizontal wires suitable for climbing. Lovebirds consume green leaves, plant seeds, seeds such as red millet, corn, and oats.

The lovebird prices we envision in 2022 vary between $100 and $300.

cockatiel price 2022

Cockatiel Price 2022

The cockatiel is a cute and warm-blooded parrot species. They can be curious and at times touchy. If you have a sultan parrot at home, chirping and joy will not be missing. It is the most preferred parrot species especially in America. It is more prone to domestication than other parrot species. Cockatiel parrot prices 2022 are more suitable than other parrot species.

A wide cage is very important for the cockatiel so that it can flap and open its wings. They need multiple roosting sticks, several food bowls and at least two water bowls. The cockatiel is fed with food. It is a social animal. She will respond with the same kindness as long as you gently caress and pet her cheek hairs and talk to her. The cockatiel can talk and whistle.

We think that the prices of cockatiels will vary between $200 and $600 in 2022. This price change will vary according to factors such as gender, care, education.

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