Forpus Parrots

Forpus Parrot Characteristics

Forpus parrots, an intelligent parrot species that are talked about with their brave, energetic, funny and funny behaviors, are also social and intelligent creatures. In general, it is very rare to see them calm in their daily activities such as playing and eating. Some studies have shown that forpus parrots are among the fastest learning parrot species from people with whom they interact socially.

Baby Forpus Parrot

When it comes to Forpus parrot traits, the most striking feature will be their fearlessness. On the other hand, it is an animal species that makes a name for itself with its jealousy. You may encounter moody and jealous states, especially during reproductive periods and hormonal changes. Still, forpus parrots are among the most domesticated animals.

How to Tell the Age of Forpus Parrot?

It takes approximately 12 months for Forpus parrots to fully mature. On average, the life expectancy of this parrot species is around 15 to 20 years. At first glance, it is possible to think of them as budgies. This is quite normal because the average height of forpus parrots and budgies is the same.

Forpus Parrot Production

In addition, the ideal age for a female forpus parrot to become fit and hatch is 2 years old. The sharpest feature observed in male forpus parrots is a vivid blue stripe around the wings, tail, and eyes. This stripe is dull in forpus parrots with striae, or there is no band in females.

Forpus Parrot Lifespan

Forpus parrots are among the bird species we feed freely in our homes. Although its homeland is South America, its popularity has increased in our country in recent years. One of the questions on the minds of animal lovers who own Forpus parrots is undoubtedly the average life span of these parrots. The average lifespan of a forpus parrot is between 15 and 20 years when cared for under the right conditions and not sick.

Baby Forpus Parrots

The parrot’s survival for this average period actually depends on many circumstances. These situations include a good diet, protection from stressful environments and situations, large cages and similar factors. If these conditions are suitable and good, this parrot species can live for many years.

Here are the requirements for a Forpus Parrot to live a long and healthy life:

  • Good and clean care
  • large flight cage,
  • Separating the cages if there is a matching that causes stress,
  • Enough variety of seeds
  • Feeding with supporting vitamins,
  • Regular stool control
  • Checking the bird regularly; are factors such as not neglecting to visit the veterinarian when signs of disease are observed.

Forpus Parrots

Forpus Parrot Training

When the Forpus parrot first comes home, she may experience stress for about a week and have difficulty getting used to you. In this case, you should not disturb her in the home environment without letting her out and leaving her alone in her cage. Then, when she gets used to you, you can start by loving your belly with small touches.

Although they may react like trying to escape from you on their first try, they will get used to you over time if you are patient. At this point, you should be patient and familiarize yourself with slow and calm movements. Forpus parrots, which fall in love with their owner after getting used to them, will be open to what you will teach from this point on. It is useful not to bore her in training such as speaking.

Forpus Parrot

You should give her the training you want on a regular basis, but intermittently every day. You should also give your parrot a small reward after showing that she has learned whatever it is you want to teach. This prize can be her favorite snack or a parrot toy that interests her.

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