Budgerigars are among the most owned small parrot species in Turkey. Budgerigars are divided into varieties within themselves. Budgerigar Genies We examine 20 different species. You can see 100 kinds of budgies around us, together with mutated budgies.

Everything you need to know about lovebirds is available in this category. Budgerigar diseases are the most important liver disease in parrots and Detailed diagnosis and treatment information about budgerigar drying disease can be found on our website.

What does the budgerigar eat? What would you recommend for budgie food? You often send such questions to us. You can follow our website in response to these questions, which we answered one by one.

Upon popular demand from you, names of budgies, you can choose the most suitable name for your budgie by visiting our page.

You can find the current prices of budgies on our website.