What Are The Most Known Mammal Species And Their Characteristics?


The first census for the classification of all known animals was made by Linneaus in 1753 and the result was 4236. Then, according to the census results in 1911, 522,400 species were identified. Today, there are about 2 million known species of animals. The reason for this increase over time is not the proliferation of species, but the proliferation of criteria for classification. There are many taxonomic categories that distinguish animals. There are many categories such as vertebrates, invertebrates, terrestrials, aquatic animals, mammals, arthropods.

What Are Mammals?


About 4500species of mammals are known in the world. mammals; They are the most advanced species of vertebrates, including humans. In terms of their general characteristics, they are warm-blooded, lung-breathing, developed creatures that feed as carnivores, herbivores or both carnivores and herbivores. These creatures, whose hearts have 4 chambers, have an internal skeleton. Body temperature is provided by metabolism.

Since they are warm-blooded, their body temperature is independent of external factors. It is the hairs that cover the body of land dwellers that protect their body temperature. The body temperature of mammals living in the sea is protected by the layer of fat under their skin.

Example of Mammals

The milk and sweat glands of animals in this taxonomic category with developed brains are also developed. They reproduce at birth and feed their young with the milk they secrete. It remains in the female placenta for a while before the cub is born. (There are also mammals that lay eggs, they do not give birth, but they feed them with milk when the baby hatches) Mammals have diaphragms and also vocal cords.

terrestrial mammals

Cow, goat, sheep, monkey, deer, giraffe, camel etc. (generally grass-fed mammals) Lion, tiger, hyena, cat, dog, wolf, jackal etc. (generally meat-eating mammals) (wild) Some mammals feed on the roots or stems of plants, thanks to their gnawing teeth. Examples of these are mammals such as squirrels, mice, rabbits.

Swimming Mammal

aquatic mammals

Whale, seal, and dolphin are aquatic mammals.

Flying Mammal

mammals that can fly

The bat is a mammal that can fly.

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