When we say budgerigar, the same thing comes to mind for all of us.

They are cute little birds that are friendly and can even memorize and speak a few words.

Budgerigars have a very special color. Some people say that these birds are like lemon yellow for their color, while others use the expression “shining like the sun”.

While it carries flowers that will dazzle its owners with its pleasant and attractive structures, it also gives pleasure to people to watch.

Yellow, orange, white, turquoise and the jumbo budgie, which has a completely different look with the combination of these colors, is also known as the show jumbo budgie.

With its flamboyant, majestic and original stance, it has a style that everyone will love and admire.

English budgies have a structure that adapts to any environment.

Even the guests who come to the house will not bite their fingers in case they want to love them.

British budgie prices vary depending on whether the bird is a baby or over 6 months old.

The fact that English budgies have different feather structure on their necks, their heads are slightly larger and they are different from other species cause their prices to be higher.

In addition, English budgies have a simpler structure. They are fed with grains and can even eat fruit.

In this respect, they do not need any extra attention. All they want is to be loved and to take a bath twice a week.

It will be the right behavior to put fish bones in the cages of these birds, so they will have a very nice toy.

The Czechoslovak budgerigar, which has different colors, has a wider and larger body compared to other budgies.

For this reason, it would be better for them to live in a medium-sized cage.

They are taller than other budgies. Therefore, they are more beautiful and aesthetic creatures.

While females are calmer than males, males are more active and active. They carry a very popular and innocent face image.

When they warm to their owners and adopt them, they walk around on their hands.